Monthly Archives: October 2006


Lately I’ve been ‘hanging out’ in 1st and 2nd Corinthians; what a marvelous book! Almost every major doctrine is covered in there and Paul does it in an extremely clear and relevant way. Of course we all know 1 Corinthians 13 which is probably the finest piece of literature ever written on love! But the rest of the book has real gravitas (you can go look that word up later and use it in a conversation tomorrow with your boss’..haha) as well.

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We Connect People With Jesus

Recently I was asked to articulate the purpose of this ministry in a single sentence. The questioner pointed out that to many organizations this could be a trying, even painful process. It could be difficult for me because I have to consider a wide range of ministries we are involved with: the Celebration Church, World Impact Ministries, Celebrate Jesus International, Celebration Bible College, overseas Gospel Festivals, television ministry and International Pastors’ seminars. I could break down every one of those departments into other areas of activities. For example the Celebration Church is currently in three locations: Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton, each one presenting its own challenges and opportunities.

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