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Which party does Jesus belong to?

How will America, Canada or any nation experience spiritual transformation? Is moral legislation the answer? What about more Christian politicians? Popular columnist and news commentator, Cal Thomas, who has been a Christian right political activist since Ronald Regan was first elected president, used to think so. Back then the idea was (and still is with many) that if only enough “real” Christians were elected in all levels of government we’d have honesty, integrity, moral laws and godly judges. America [or Canada or whatever nation would follow this path] would then be a truly Christian nation. Cal Thomas now sees things differently; Christian politicians and morality will not change America, but a grassroots spiritual awakening.

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But so much the more the news spread abroad concerning Him, and great crowds kept coming together to hear [Him] and to be healed by Him of their infirmities. But He Himself withdrew [in retirement] to the wilderness (desert) and prayed. LUKE 5:15, 16
Jesus attracted people. There is no other way to read/interpret scripture. Wherever Jesus went, whatever Jesus did, whomever Jesus spoke with; He attracted multitudes. It’s true that the miracles attracted people. Undoubtedly some came to stand off in the distance and see Him “perform” supernatural acts which their natural eyes could not believe. Yet the Bible is clear to make another notation regarding why people came. They came to “hear Him”. Why? No one had ever, throughout the entire history of the world, spoken like Jesus spoke. The Bible says that “grace” and “truth” came through (in) Jesus. His every Word, look, act, subtlety, parable, deed, rebuke and exhortation exemplified grace and truth. Even the miracles were a demonstration of God’s grace manifested towards mankind. These three things attracted people to Jesus: grace, truth and the supernatural.

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