Monthly Archives: March 2007

Fundamentalism “then” and now

I remember when I used to enjoy being called a fundamentalist or call myself a fundamentalist. That was back when fundamentalism meant, “Clinging to unchanging truths.” In that sense, I am still a fundamentalist, clinging to the unchanging reality of what Jesus has done through His death and resurrection and what He is doing in His present day ministry as our exalted King.

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The “Lost Tomb” of Jesus

As almost everyone knows who watches the news, the Discovery channel just aired a so-called documentary, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, produced by Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron of “Titanic” fame. This is just the latest in a series of attacks on the authenticity of the Gospels and Christian belief concerning Jesus. The story line of the film is that Jesus’ family tomb has been found near Jerusalem, that the ossuary (casket) held the bones of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their supposed son, Judah, as well as others from Jesus’ “family”. My friend Dr. Eddie Hyatt made some interesting statements in his newsletter this week. Let me summarize his thoughts and then add a few of my own…

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