Monthly Archives: April 2007

A New Reformation

Revolutions or reformations are not needed in every generation; it is only when things have gone so far that the very foundations of people’s belief systems need to be challenged. Martin Luther lived in such a time. The predominant Christian religion of his day was selling salvation and the forgiveness of sin for monetary gain in the market place. Are we due for another reformation, or as I often call it, a gospel revolution?

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Greasy Legalism

I have just about seen enough articles, teaching albums, etc. advertised under titles like “Greasy Grace”, “Crazy Grace”, or “Grace Gone Wild”. While I am sure that just about everything can be abused, even grace because the Bible says so. These three titles that warn against the grace message don’t have a clue and often have little or no knowledge of what the message is. Instead they build up a phantom and an attack that their imagination has created. It goes something like this: “Those who preach a radical message of God’s grace are people looking for a low commitment, a low level Christian life where anything goes because sin is tolerated (after all, Jesus paid for them).” Often writers are connecting the message of grace with general moral decay in the church and in the world. I used to have this opinion of grace teaching myself only seven or eight years ago. I had never really heard the message but just assumed that people who would preach that all sin, past, present and future had been paid for by Jesus, couldn’t be doing anything good with their sermons, in fact they must be something negative (creating a license to sin).

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