Monthly Archives: August 2008

It didn’t rain on Obama!

If you checked Focus on the Family’s website a few weeks ago you would have found a video with a call for prayer. This was a prayer request that a torrential rain storm would drown out Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, at his rally at Invesco Field in Denver. Once the media got a hold of this, pressure mounted, and Focus on the Family apologetically withdrew the video. Ok, so we all make mistakes. I suppose even those who believe that such a prayer would be God’s will realize how ridiculous this looked. The person who produced the video stated that he believed God would show His divine disfavor towards Obama, by a torrential downpour beginning the very minute the program started. Of course, this would only happen if born-again believers prayed hard enough.

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Why Solzhenitsyn mattered?

The most famous dissident of the Soviet era, Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, passed away last week at the age of ninety. To my way of thinking, he was a giant, not because I agree with everything he said or wrote, but because he exhibited a rare quality. Solzhenitsyn believed in something beyond his own personal wellbeing and convenience, which is probably a common human trait, but here is what stands out: he dared to give voice to what he believed, no matter what the consequences. Now granted, most of us live in societies where we can believe and say whatever we desire and there are no negative repercussions. We can think, say and write whatever we want about political and religious leaders; our television networks produce comedy shows that mock anyone who is in the public’s eye; we can picket, demonstrate and shout obscenities without fear of any real consequence. Sure, someone may be detained for a couple of hours but no one is going to jail long-term and certainly no one is going to be shot in a back alley for voicing an opinion.

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