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Christian television: Is it really that bad?

(Peter is a regular contributing writer for the St. Catharines Standard newspaper. Enclosed is his latest editorial piece for your comment.)
In his book, Whistling In The Dark, Frederick Buechner writes, “There is perhaps no better proof of the existence of God, than the fact that year after year He survives the way his professional friends promote Him. If there are people who remain unconvinced let them tune into their TV for almost any of the big time pulpit pounders any Sunday morning of the year.”
Evidently Mr. Buechner has a problem with television preachers, and since I am one of them, I better pay attention. Is Christian television really that bad? I believe in listening to critics, including those who never attend church. You don’t have to agree with your critics, but you can learn something of value from almost anyone. When it comes to the quote from Buechner, I tend to agree—at least in part. Many Christian programs portray God as narrow minded, petulant, condemning and angry. A few weeks ago the organization I founded, World Impact Ministries, purchased The Christian Channel [Cogeco 186], so now I have the opportunity to do something about Christian television. Well, don’t expect wonders overnight, but I am keeping several common criticisms in mind, among them that Christian television is judgmental, boring and phony.

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