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Living free from guilt and shame.

After I had prepared to write this article I went on the internet and did a search on ‘guilt and shame’. As I scanned through the articles listed, amazingly there was only one religious entry in the top twenty, and that one made no mention of Christ’s Gospel; it was an analysis of how people who participate in riots may be driven by guilt and shame. Other than that one article who, according to Google, was interested in the topic of guilt and shame? Psychology journals, Success and Leadership studies, even parenting articles concerned how parents might not be able to raise their children properly because of guilt and shame in their life. All the articles were trying to help people succeed in life, and were concerned about how….
Obviously the secular world realizes how important this topic is. They acknowledge that guilt and shame could impede a person’s prosperity, success, and ability to interact with others. Yet the real answer to guilt and shame is not in human self-help, but in the Gospel of God’s grace.

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Could God do that?

Most people have a strong dislike for those who act and talk like they and their opinions are the center of the universe. These are the people who have a solution to every problem, and they never seem to have the time or patience to listen to an alternate point of view. We try to tactfully avoid such people, or sometimes in sheer desperation we may find ourselves exclaiming, ‘Who in the world, do you think you are?’
The exception is…

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