Monthly Archives: June 2012

Prejudice in Canadian justice system?!

Where is the outrage? Or does the Canadian society allow for selective prejudice on issues that are “politically incorrect”? Here are two scenarios to consider:
On March 21st, Justice S.F. Clements of the Ontario Court of Justice told pro-life activist Mary Wagner, “Your God is wrong”. The court hearing, which resulted in Ms. Wagner’s conviction of mischief and breach of probation, included the following statement by the judge, “Ms. Wagner is smiling. You don’t get it, do you Ms. Wagner?” Then he continued, “If you think that you have some higher moral authority that allows you to break the rule of law, that allows you to go to that clinic to allow you to disregard the rights of other people to use that clinic to disrespect those people, then you are wrong and your God is wrong, because….

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