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Is it fraud – Peter Youngren in Pakistan?

This week World Impact Ministries (WIM) is conducting what could be the most far-reaching campaign ever in Pakistan. One of the largest daily newspapers, Ummat, with 5 million circulation, has suggested fraud, that underneath the ‘friendship’ approach and mention of ‘healings’ in the advertisement, there is a hidden agenda to convert people to Christianity. In his response to the newspaper, Peter Youngren wrote…

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To the Heart of Pakistan

Pakistan is the world’s 6th largest country, established in 1947 as the eastern and northwestern regions of British India broke away both from Britain and the newly formed nation of India. 97.5% of the population is Muslim, most of them Sunni, divided into several large languages and tribal groups. Pakistan has the world’s 7th largest army. It is the only Muslim nation declared a nuclear weapons state. President Obama has referred to Pakistan as the world’s ‘most dangerous country’.
The founder of modern Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah is buried in a large mausoleum in the center of Karachi, and it is across the highway from this mausoleum where World Impact Ministries is conducting its 2012 Gospel Festival. That’s why we say that this is a Gospel proclamation in the very heart of Pakistan. Never before has such a well-known venue been made available for…

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