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Fear – The Antithesis of Love, Part 2

Israel had experienced how God guided them out of Egypt by the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. If anyone had seen miracles it was the people of Egypt, yet these people were afraid. About the time they arrived at the Red Sea, Egypt had finished mourning the loss of their first born and Pharaoh sent his elite troops to corner Israel at the edge of the water. Immediately fear showed up. Maybe you have experienced Gods power and Gods love, even deliverance and healing and yet you find yourself under the attack of fear. As soon as the circumstances turned negative, the people forgot the pains of slavery, and wished for the cemeteries of Egypt.
Fear finds a reason to pass blame, to burrow into the past, to blame self and others. In this case they blamed God…

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Fear – The antithesis of Love, Part 1

Fear is a mental paralysis where logical thought is exchanged for chaotic emotions. The Hebrew word for anxiety indicates a troubled soul, an eruption of emotions in the psyche. One Scripture describes it as “hearts melted within”. Today we’d call that an emotional meltdown. In another Scripture fear is described as the dread you’d feel if the walls and ceiling were closing in on you and there’s nowhere to go.
Fear thrives on rehearsing negative scenarios from the past and imagining more trouble in the near or distant future. It re-runs the same movie of past failures again and again in our minds. This is all in stark contrast to God who lives in the now.
The words ‘fear not’ appear 366 times in the Bible…

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