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Characteristics of a “Grace Believer” Part 13-15

What does it mean to be a ‘grace-person’ or a ‘grace-church’? These are the final three characteristics:
13. Paul is important. He received the message of grace from Jesus Christ, so there is never a contradiction between Paul and Jesus. Christ is the source of Paul’s revelation of the mystery, previously hidden, namely “Christ in us”. Paul taught this revelation to the other apostles, and they added nothing to what he had received, Gal. 2:6. More than looking to past revivals and movements, a grace-based Christian looks to the revelation of the New Covenant given by Jesus, Paul and the other apostles…

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Characteristics of a “Grace Believer” Part 4-6

What does it mean to be a ‘grace-person’ or a ‘grace-church’? Find out next three characteristics:
4. A recognition of the true power of sin. Some suggest that grace makes ‘light’ of sin, but the opposite is true. Sin is so powerful that no effort, discipline or struggle can defeat it. Our only hope is in believing that Jesus took all sins – past, present and future – “once for all”. Victory over sin happens by yielding to the indwelling Christ. The good news is that our sins cannot stop…

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Characteristics of a “Grace Believer”

There is an array of misinformation about the meaning of God’s grace. What does it mean to be a ‘grace-person’ or a ‘grace-church’? Here are some of the characteristics:
1. The finished work of Jesus Christ is in focus. What we need for ‘life’ and ‘godliness’ has been provided by the death and resurrection of Christ. Just like Adam and Eve had everything they needed in the Garden of Eden, so Jesus has provided all for us. Our response is to ‘open’ our eyes…

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