2017 Tanga Appeal

Update from Nathan – Day 2 on the Front Line.

 We’ve raised $1,200 so far – there’s still $5,800 to go. Whether you give $7 or $700, your contribution towards this gospel campaign helps. Thank you giving family!



Nathan Thurber is On the Front Line, Let’s Stand With Him.

This week, our Operations Director Nathan Thurber is in the strong Muslim city of Tanga, on the Indian Ocean. The Pastors are urging us to come back and help them. 

When I visited Tanga in 2004, a young Muslim man who was deaf and dumb was healed. This healing so shocked the Islamic community that his parents had to move him out of the city to hide him. There was so much concern that his testimony glorified Jesus. I say it is time to go back and finish what we started. The window of opportunity is now!

$7,000 is required as seed money to launch a great Gospel campaign in this Muslim city. Nathan must make payments this week – the stadium must be rented, advertising secured and much more.

CAN YOU HELP? Whether you give $7, $17, $70 or $700. If everyone gives $7, we can do this.

The funds are needed by Sunday, March 12, 2017!

Olimometer 2.52

$4,170 TO GO!

Donate by Phone:  (877) 974-7223

Donate Online:

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