300 Miles for a Miracle

A Hindu girl discovers that Jesus is real

Confined to a wheelchair for life because of a debilitating disease, 17 year old Hariaprya, had tasted her share of disappointment. Born in a poor family, her life seemed destined for a similar fate, with a monthly government pension of $7, due to her handicap. She sought help in Hinduism and her father took her to a Muslim preacher, renowned for his magic powers. “I really felt sure I would be healed when he applied witchcraft to me, and I was so disappointed when there was no change”, Hariaprya tells.

Her home state of Orissa, India is known for violence against Christians, including the killing of Australian missionaries a few years ago. Because of the waning influence of Christianity, Bhubaneshwer, the capital of Orissa, known for its 800 beautifully designed and decorated Hindu temples, was chosen as a strategic place for a Gospel Festival.

Hariaprya’s home is 300 miles from the capital. Her dad saw newspaper articles about healings at the Gospel Festival, and immediately, at a cost equivalent to several months of pay, he arranged for a car to take the whole family.

The next day Hariaprya recalls, “I listened to the message about God’s love and about faith. Then Peter prayed and I told my dad that I wanted to stand up. I was still weak, but my family was amazed that I could get up at all. A couple of minutes later I was on the platform, still weak, when suddenly something happened, I took off running. There I was running and crying. Jesus really healed me. I want to honor Jesus now.”

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