$325,000 received – Thank you partners!

GraceTV has met its Victory Goal of $325,000 to pay for cable and satellite distribution. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Partners!

By Aug 28th we had received $102,000 on top of regular giving, so we really needed a miracle, going in to the final week. Hundreds of you gave, and one person particularly gave a very large gift. We thank God that He is working through willing people. The total received is $345,267.62.

Here is the full story: When I announced in the beginning of June that we are going to need $325,000 above regular income, I didn’t realize that the next day there would be an announcement of a postal strike in Canada. This had a negative effect, as we lost a significant part of income over the next three weeks. Suddenly we needed more than $325,000, and I must tell you there were moments of discouragement.

Today I thank Lord, who has blessed in a super-abundant way through you. God bless you! We stand together under Jesus who is the Lord of the harvest. Thank you!

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