Is it fraud – Peter Youngren in Pakistan?

This week World Impact Ministries (WIM) is conducting what could be the most far-reaching campaign ever in Pakistan.

One of the largest daily newspapers, Ummat, with 5 million circulation, has suggested fraud, that underneath the ‘friendship’ approach and mention of ‘healings’ in the advertisement, there is a hidden agenda to convert people to Christianity. In his response to the newspaper, Peter Youngren wrote of his commitment to not compare religions or lift up one religion above the other. “My purpose is to focus on God’s love for all, as revealed through what Jesus Christ has done for the world.” 

The venue for the campaign is a huge field, never before granted to a Christian group, across from the huge mausoleum in Karachi (12.5 million population). Tension is high and security is tight, where Pakistan’s founder is buried.

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