It’s September 2nd – in a month everyone will know this was a hoax!

I’m getting a lot of comments on my blogs regarding the blood moons and the Shemitah year, mostly very good. One person – and only one – thought I was mocking the signs that Jesus gave us in Matthew chapter 24. On the contrary, I take these signs very seriously. World Impact Ministries exists to participate in seeing Matthew 24:14 fulfilled.

However, I am mocking all the nonsense about doomsday in September 2015. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – in the Bible about Shemitah years and the end of the age and nothing about Blood moons on Hebrew feast days.

Did you know that the fourth blood moon on Sept. 28th will not be visible in Israel? Maybe end-times is only for God’s beloved North American people. Who cares about the rest of the world? I guess they don’t need any signs? Yes, I am still writing tongue in cheek. Anybody ever heard of “for God so loved the world”?

I’m writing this on September 2nd, and by October 1st, you’ll know I was right. Except, I just saw another “end of the world” prediction; this one says that the world will end on October 7. Friends, this nonsense never ends. What will they think of next?

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Here’s an interesting site, at, where you can learn that blood moons are not that uncommon. Tetrads of blood moons on Jewish feast days have occurred 8 times in the past 20 centuries, without anything particularly noteworthy happening.

Hebrew feasts or not, we don’t follow Sabbaths, Sabbath years or feasts. Jesus Christ has fulfilled the Sabbath and every other “holy day”– we rest in him and his finished work.

To my friends who are followers of Jesus Christ: Let’s not get caught up in this prideful and deceptive nonsense. Let’s focus on the task that Jesus gave us, not on self-serving foolishness.

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