CJI missionaries

World Impact Ministries (WIM) sponsors many missionaries around the world. The commissioning of full-time, overseas CJI missionaries takes place on an annual basis. These missionaries boldly follow Jesus’ instructions to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. CJI is a missions program sent out under WIM; teams or individuals are sent to different countries for a period of nine to ten months. CJI missionaries are all graduates from World Impact Bible Institute. WIM currently supports CJI missionary Susan Hoover in Indonesia and Meron Tsegay, Melissa Betts and Claudia Merlos in Tanzania.

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National missionaries

WIM supports local pastors and evangelists in Israel through Way of Peace (WOP). WOP is a ministry that was formed for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to Jews and Muslims alike in Israel and the Middle East. With relatively little Gospel awareness, Israel is skeptical of “Christianity”. As a result, Israeli believers are persecuted and Gospel work is severely underfunded.

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