Outreach to the unreached 2017. Your help is needed!

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Thank you for checking this part of our website! These massive gospel campaigns see tens of thousands of people come to Christ. But without help, from people just like you, we will have to say ‘no’ to so many of the opportunities that are before us. Thank you for your support! With your help, we will continue to say YES! – Peter

Campaigns are planned for following countries in 2017:

• Sierra Leone
• Tanzania
• Burma

The giving family is made up of ordinary believers who make a difference for the gospel. People like you who are part of the family, make all these ministry projects possible:

  1. Friendship Festivals with as many as 600,000 in a single service.
  2. Gospel Revolution Seminars that have trained 363,000 pastors and leaders.
  3. Global Media outreach.
  4. Follow-up for new believers.
  5. Bible schools in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  6. Literature and Resource Distribution.
  7. Sending Missionaries and Gospel workers.
  8. Grace Prayer Center.
  9. Ministry to Israel and the Middle East.
  10. Personal Ministry to Partners.
  11. Ministry to Political and Religious Leaders.

Give your best seed-gift

You give an opportunity for people to hear and receive the Good News of Jesus Christ; what God has given to all people through His Son. Click the button below to view your options.