Team narrowly escapes robbery

There are few, if any, things as rewarding to me personally as to present Jesus to people, who have never heard of Him. That’s what made the Ikara Campaign so special.

Our start was dismally small after the government had rumored the Gospel Festival was cancelled, and the muslim leaders had warned their people not to attend. Then night after night the crowd multiplied and thousands of muslims heard and received the Gospel. Pastor Oddleif Wahl from Norway shared in the Pastors Seminar. He has the same passion as our team – the Gospel.

Our goal is clear; further north to the most muslim areas in Nigeria. I met the the Emir (king) of Kaduna state earlier today to secure his support as we aim for the huge muslim city of Kano. From the Emir’s 600 year old palace we continued to a meeting with Governor Mohammed Nabadi Sambo, and again we were warmly received. I will be airing a special telecast on these visits in the new year. My purpose was to secure his support for our goal of reaching Kano. Governor Mohammed promised to brief the Governor of Kano on our ministry.

Let me give you a brief background on the city of Kano, one of Africa’s largest. 15 years ago Reinhard Bonnke tried to hold a crusade in Kano, but had to flee the city. Several hundred, muslims and Christians died in the riots that ensued. This effectively put an end to Gospel advancement in northern Nigeria. Nigeria is well known for awesome revivals with huge crowds, but almost all of these are in the southern half. No one has been more used by God than Brother Bonnke, and I admire him a lot. Yet the northern frontier remains to be taken for the Gospel. The campaign we just concluded was only one hour from Kano. Once we are

successful there, there are still further northern states that also must hear the Gospel.

Well so much for the big picture. Otherwise, we lived quite simple. I had no running water for three days, but there is nothing wrong with carrying buckets of waters, most of the world does. We had the same meal every day, spicy spaghetti with a scrawny piece of chicken.

Our Campaign team led by Marius Nikolaijsen, Ivan Schultz from Calgary and Kyle Sweitzer from Ohio narrowly escaped a robbery, as the road was blocked and men with faces masked with a grey-white clay attacked their

car. Somehow our driver was able to get away with the perpetrators only feet away.  God has given us wonderful Nigerian co-workers, whose hearts are on fire, none more valuable than Rev. Samuel Kuijiyat and Rev. Hayab. We are all committed to the same task – Jesus to everyone.


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