2009 News

Incredible happenings in "world's most dangerous country"
October 22nd 2009

An Explosion of Jesus’ Love & Grace in Kupang, Indonesia
October 9th 2009

Miracles Rain Down in Kupang, Indonesia
October 8th 2009

Death threats, cancellation and a last minute miracle‬
September 28th 2009

Remarkable Night in Pakistan
September 23rd 2009

Tonight on a Plane to Pakistan
September 22nd 2009

You Can Have Favor In The Lion's Den
August 27th 2009

Passion: the SECRET to your Increase!
July 29th 2009

Want to live a sanctified life?
July 22nd 2009

Christianity Without the Gospel?!
July 9th 2009

Jesus Said We Can Learn From Coca Cola
July 2nd 2009

Wow! God's Astonishing Grace
June 24th 2009

Break News: Kisaran, Indonesia
June 12th 2009

The God-Nature of Properity
June 4th 2009

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