2009 Year in Review

Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

A Message from Peter

Dear Partner,

As I reflect on this past year of ministry, I am struck by the blessing and increase God has given us. I have so much to be thankful for, and that includes you! Partner, with the help of friends like you, much has been accomplished in 2009. God's favor has allowed us to touch the lives of millions of people with the message of His love, grace and hope.

I have been in ministry for more than 38 years and have seen God's love and grace transform the hardest sinner, fix the darkest situation and heal the sickest bodies. What a privilege it is to be a conduit of God's power here on earth. Friends, we are partners, and walk in that same blessing together.

Your partnership with World Impact Ministries (WIM) continues to take the Gospel around the world through Gospel Festivals and Pastors Seminars as well as missionaries, orphanages and numerous other missions outreaches (as outlined below).

We took ownership of Grace TV in June 2009. Through Grace TV, Canada's largest 24/7 Christian television channel, we have been given the incredible opportunity to beam the grace and truth of Jesus into more than 3,000,000 homes in Canada.

Thank you for your part in sharing the treasure of Jesus, expressing the heart of the Father to the world. I count it a privilege and joy to be your partner.

Peter Youngren


The heart and soul of World Impact Ministries is Gospel Advancement. Since the 1970's World Impact Ministries (WIM) has proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world in need of a Savior.

Millions have been born again through the ministry of WIM and Pastor Peter Youngren. Marked by God's favor, Pastor Peter has taken the good news of Jesus to completely non-Christian countries considered closed to the Gospel. Those countries include Islamic Pakistan, Baluchistan, Northern Nigeria, Indonesia as well as India, Mongolia, Thailand and many others.

In 2009 World Impact Ministries conducted large scale Gospel Festivals in the areas mentioned below. Each outreach has far reaching results beyond the local area, but to the entire nation. Indonesia, Pakistan and Northern Nigeria are each staunch Islamic areas. Through God's favor, Pastor Peter was able to conduct these meetings of great impact.

Kisumu, Kenya

WIM conducted a Gospel Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, the epicenter of ethnic violence in Kenya only a year before.


Kupang, Indonesia

In Kupang, Indonesia miraculous healings rained down each night of the Gospel Festival. Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation, and pastors attending the Pastors Seminar are carrying the good news throughout the entire nation.

Hyderabad, Pakistan

In Hyderabad, Pakistan we held a miraculous Gospel Festival and Pastors Seminar despite suicide bomb threats. The Gospel presentation went out with crystal clear authority in the middle of chaos and threats.

Ikara, Nigeria

WIM conducted the first Gospel event of this magnitude in the history of the city. The area has been completely Islamic for over 1,000 years. In the 1990's a foreign preacher was run out of a nearby city when people died in riots caused by the meetings. Incredible results were seen in this unreached area of the globe.

Jakarta, Indonesia

The Gospel went out with great power at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, a soccer stadium seating 140,000 filled to capacity, with many thousands more jamming the soccer field and up to 300,000 watching via remote video screens.

In each Gospel Festival follow up material is distributed to all new believers responding for new life in Jesus. Since 1990 over 14 million follow up books have been distributed.


In conjunction with each Gospel Festival, pastors are invited from the entire region to participate in a Gospel Revolution Seminar. Pastors travel great distance to join the Seminar. Through three full days of intense training, coupled with the five days of Gospel Festival, pastor's lives are impacted and often changed for ever. While the Festivals touch hundreds of thousands of people face to face, the pastors take the message of the Gospel of Grace back to their own region and multiply the effect of the outreach several times over.

Seminars were conducted at each of the Festivals in 2009

Nairobi, Kenya (Pastors Seminar)

Kupang, Indonesia (Pastors Seminar)

Hyderabad, Pakistan (Pastors Seminar)

Ikara, Nigeria (Pastors Seminar)



When God opens a door of opportunity, logic can not begin to explain why. Only God's favor can explain why. That is the story of Grace TV. Yes, World Impact Ministries had produced a daily TV program, Celebrating Life with Jesus, seen around the world on various TV networks, but running an entire network, is a whole other story.

However, when the previous owners came to Pastor Peter's door to ask if he was interested in obtaining ownership, he recognized God was opening a door of opportunity. And from his 38 plus years of ministry, he knew when God opens a door, He also makes a way, even when it seems impossible.

Since taking ownership we have added a number of new producers to the network: Kenneth Copeland, Joseph Prince, Anthony Greco, Brian Houston (Hillsong), Richard Roberts and Jimmy Swaggart, among others. Talks are ongoing with other cable networks to expand coverage both in Canada and to the world.

Here is the chronological order of events that brought Grace TV into fruition:

  • September 15, 2009: The Christian Channel is renamed Grace TV
  • June 10, 2009: World Impact Ministries takes ownership of The Christian Channel
  • March 30, 2009: CRTC hearing.
  • March 16, 2009: Deadline for interventions; no negative interventions against World Impact Ministries proposal.
  • January 29, 2009: The Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) announces hearing date of March 30th, 2009. News release to all Canadian media.
  • September 16, 2008: World Impact Ministries and S-Vox sign a Purchase Agreement.
  • December 20, 2007: Peter Youngren receives an unexpected invitation to bid on The Christian Channel, currently owned by a secular media company.

Watch Grace TV Year in Review Video

Key Facts

Television Coverage

Peter Youngren says, “I commit to make Grace TV into a Gospel channel you will be proud to tell your friends about. Our primetime flagship program, “Encounter with Peter Youngren”, and other new and exciting programs will be geared to the spiritual needs of your neighbours and family.”

“Encounter” is a 60 minute variety show hosted by Peter Youngren featuring dynamic guests, street talk interviews, interactive viewer comments, current affair debates, live musical performances and enriching teaching segments. Regular highlights include short documentaries from Gospel Festivals and remarkable testimonies from people of non-Christian backgrounds who receive new life through Jesus Christ. Building on an approach of friendship and nondiscrimination in an age of increasing intolerance, Pastor Peter has forged a path of reconciliation and Gospel awareness. This friendship approach is now carried through on television, and provides a unique opportunity of teaching for Christians and outreach to non-believers.”

Visit www.gracetelevision.net


Celebration Bible College empowers and equips believers to fulfill God's plan for their life. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, all with the common purpose of discovering Jesus in a deeper way and to be a part of God's purposes on the earth today.

CBC currently has four campuses: Canada, Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand with 157 students enrolled. Already more than 3000 students set aside 1, 2 or 3 years to study at the Niagara Campus alone.

Visit www.celebrationbiblecollege.com


Most of us know that Israel is the birthplace of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and that the Gospel was first brought to the Jews; yet, did you know that almost 2000 years later, Israel and the entire Middle Eastern region is one of the least evangelized areas of the world?

Jews and Arabs alike need to hear about the Good News of salvation and reconciliation in Jesus. Peace in Israel and the Middle East cannot come until the Prince of Peace has been revealed.

Way of Peace is a ministry that was formed for the sole purpose of bringing the Gospel back to Israel. With relatively little gospel awareness, Israel is skeptical of “Christianity.” As a result, Israeli believers are persecuted and gospel work is severely under-funded. The goal of Way of Peace is to share about the Jesus who came to bring life —not another religion.

In 2009 Way of Peace supported numerous Gospel advancing ministries in 10 different cities in Israel.

Visit www.wayofpeace.net


World Impact Ministries is currently a sponsor to 58 missionaries around the world. The commissioning of full-time, overseas missionaries takes place on an annual basis. From Asia, Indonesia, Africa to South America, Guatemala, these missionaries boldly follow Jesus’ instructions to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. CJI is a missions program sent out under WIM; teams are sent to different countries for a period of nine to ten months.


World Impact Ministries sponsors orphanages in underdeveloped parts of the world. Currently those orphanages located in Northern Nigeria and Kenya. Each gives spiritual, mental and physical hope and care to orphans at church based orphanages.

Visit www.heartofachildinternational.com


Available 24/7, our ministry is ministering Jesus to hundreds of callers from around the globe every day. Answers to prayer and miracles are realized. Jesus is lifted up, and lives are restored.

Visit Grace Prayer Center Online


More than 150 nations have logged on to either www.PeterYoungren.org or www.GraceTelevision.net in 2009. Live 24/7 streaming feed of Grace TV is sent out over the web, and all ministry reports and teachings are posted for edification and growth.

Our web site provides easy access for daily inspiration, television programs, prayer requests and resources. With the click of a mouse World Impact Ministries or Grace TV can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

THANK YOU PARTNER! Together in 2010 we will continue to advance the Gospel throughout the globe. Whether one on one, in large scale meetings or via various media outlets the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed in 2010 through your partnership. Together we are moving from glory to glory, victory to victory and our greatest days are still ahead!

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