200th Anniversary of North American Missions

This is an important message and photo report of what God did through our partnership in the history-making campaign in Tanzania. Thank you for your response today!

Dear Friend,

This summer marks the 200th anniversary of the first missionaries sent out from North America.

In 1812 Adoniram Judson led a group of co-workers from Massachusetts to India and later on to Burma.

Today, we see victories, almost unimaginable for those missionaries 200 years ago, but we do well to be humble and remember that we stand on the shoulders of the apostles and the early missions pioneers.

These pioneers suffered and endured so much hardship, and many of them died violently. They fought depression and false accusations ……… and it took 6 years before they saw the first Christian convert in Burma.

Adoniram Judson never asked “is it safe to go there?”  He fully knew what he was getting himself into. When he asked for his wife’s hand in marriage, he wrote to his future father-in-law, “Can you consent to this for the sake of perishing immortal souls; for…..the glory of God?”

‘Immortal souls’ simply means that every person, even the most forgotten and neglected has immense value.

‘God’s glory’ is all about what Jesus has done for the world. To preach Jesus is to preach the ‘glorious’ Gospel.

Today we have unparalleled opportunities for the Gospel. One of the big differences compared to 200 years ago is that we have greater knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We preach the gospel, not only with words, but in the power that produces signs and wonders…….

……….but still we owe these forerunners a huge debt.

If they had not reaped the ones and twos, we would not be able to reach the thousands and the millions today.

I am inspired by Adoniram Judson and those who traveled with him, because of their dedication to the cause of the Gospel. But I am not one of those who think that people who lived a long time ago were more dedicated than believers today. No, I see this dedication in the partners of World Impact Ministries today.

I’m inspired by my partners. Yet, there’s no greater inspiration than Jesus Christ Himself. In my mind’s eye I can see Jesus speaking on the Mount of Olives,

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations (ethnic groups), and then the end will come.” (Matt 24:14).

When Jesus gave me this vision for the world, He told me to focus on Matthew 24:14. He also spoke clearly in my spirit, ‘There are many, from all walks of life, who love Me just as you do, and when you speak the vision I will touch their hearts, and they will be partners, and through their prayers and giving they will have an equal share in the reward of the harvest’.

That’s what I count on – God will touch your heart. My job is just to share the vision for souls, and God is the one who moves on your heart.

As I write this, my co-worker, David Imler, is at work in 4 large cities in northern India, setting up huge Gospel festivals. This is in addition to the campaign coming up in Guwahati, the state capital of Assam in India.

All these 5 cities in India fall within the category of the 300 largest cities of the world. Dave Imler is making necessary financial deposits right now in each of the cities to secure the stadiums and advertising. He’s in contact with governors, mayors, chiefs of police and a host of religious leaders to pave the way for massive gospel outreaches.

Next up is Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I wrote to you a month and a half ago about the urgent need we had after the last two campaigns. Thank you to everyone who responded. Those needs are now met…. But now we must move forward.

Thank you for taking action today. I need your help urgently this month. God bless you.

I will look for your response.

Peter Youngren

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