24/7 Gospel Television in World’s Largest Muslim City Now… And Soon 49 Islamic Nations Via Satellite!

William Sarfraz, World Impact Ministries' representative in Karachi, Pakistan - the world’s largest Muslim city - talks with Peter & Megen about the difficulties & controversy in launching & operating a 24/7 Christian TV station in an Islamic state, as well as the unprecedented harvest and testimonies from Muslims
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Many Muslims, who would normally never dare to go to a church… can now hear the gospel in their own homes

More Muslims live in Karachi, Pakistan than in any other city. 98% of the city’s 21 million people adhere to Islam. 32 television licenses have been given to Islamic organizations and ONE Christian license. World Impact Ministries has this one license, the first Christian television station on air in world’s largest Muslim city.

168 hours of Christian programs per week

To broadcast 168 hours per week is a big operation. Most of the programming is produced in our studio in Karachi, Pakistan. By a special agreement with the censor board, we also have approval for 3 hours per night of Christian programming produced outside Pakistan. THIS IS A MIRACLE! IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

2 Billion People - 49 nations: we can do it now!

We must reach all of Pakistan’s 180 million people and then 49 Muslim nations via satellite. This is a huge breakthrough for the gospel! Through a platform on PakSat, the official Pakistan satellite network, we will cover 49 nations, including countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and many more. The potential viewing audience exceeds 2 billion people.



  • Pakistan is the world’s fifth largest country [180 million] and 97% are Muslims.
  • Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city with 21 million people. More Muslims live in Karachi than in any other city in the world.
  • In 2014, the government granted 33 religious television licenses, all to Muslim organizations, with one exception – one Christian license and we have it. The channel, based in Karachi, is named Gawahi TV, which means “witness”.
  • Gawahi TV airs 168 hours of weekly Christian television.
  • 7 months ago the television channel had 4 million potential viewers. Now that number is more than 25 million, a growth of 600%.
  • Now we can reach all of Pakistan’s 180 million people and 49 other Muslim nations.

Message from Peter:

Dear Friend,

We cannot fulfill this vision without being on satellite. By a miracle, we have been offered a broadcasting platform on PakSat, a satellite that reaches Muslims. We will be the only Christian voice on this broadcast platform. This is for historical breakthrough!

By being on satellite we will improve the technical quality of our programs, and we will be able to transmit to hundreds of cable networks, reaching 49 nations where more than 2 billion people live.

The immediate upfront need is $110,000 to cover new equipment for the satellite link up.

Then the largest challenge is the day today, week by week, month to month expenses. I announced in January that we must have 3000 monthly partners, who will share at least $25 per month. This is now critical! We are one third of the way there - 2000 additional monthly partners are urgently needed.

Please give today and also become a monthly partner with the amount that the Lord puts on your heart. I believe that there are those, that the Lord is speaking to you to increase your monthly giving.

Thank you!

Viewer Testimonies

I was diagnosed with incurable cancer in my blood. Through your TV channel, I heard about Jesus Christ and now I’m healed. The doctor was shocked when he saw that there was no more cancer. Jesus is now my Savior. - S.F.

I am so happy since to watch your TV channel about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Since my childhood, I have longed for someone to tell me about Christ. Thank you! - B.B.

My husband was a nominal Christian. He never prayed or cared anything about God. Through Gawahi TV he came back to God - he is a completely changed man, totally given to God. I’m very thankful to the TV channel for spreading the Gospel. - A.J.

A few weeks back suddenly I turned to a TV channel that looked strange in the beginning. After a while, I realized it was about Jesus. I had heard about Him, but was curious to know more. I had asked about Jesus, but my family and the Muslim religious leaders discouraged me. I feel so happy now watching the channel and learning more every day about the Lord Jesus Christ. - M.S.

Since watching Gawahi TV with my whole family, God gave me spiritual and physical healing. I was suffering from constant pain in my joints and I wasn’t able to do my work properly. When I watched TV and listened about Jesus Christ, who still heals people, that gave me hope. While watching I was completely healed, and my family and I have repented from our wrongdoings. We watch the channel now all the time and receive blessings from God. - M.A.

I watched the channel alone, because my family are staunch Muslims and I was afraid that they would be angry. While watching I was healed from serious back problem and received Jesus as my Saviour. When I told my family, they did not become angry, but they too received Christ and are now baptized in water. - M.S.

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