A Blessed Christmas to you and your house!

This Christmas stocking handmade in Africa will be a keepsake. Your gift for the Gospel this Christmas will honor Jesus. After all it is His Birthday!

Dear Friend,

A Blessed Christmas to you and your house!

This Christmas I have reserved a very special Christmas stocking for you. It is handmade in Africa, by some of the poorest people. I really think this will be a much appreciated Christmas decoration in your home.

World Impact Ministries has joined hands with a South African ministry, Zimele, to empower women mired in poverty and oppression into a new and better life. ‘Zimele’ is a Zulu word, which means “to stand on one’s own two feet.”

Your Christmas 2012 partnership will have far-reaching effects:

• You will empower the poorest of the poor to a better life.

• Your gift will help advance the Gospel through Campaigns that reach unreached millions.

• Your gift will honor Jesus Christ, whose birthday we are celebrating.

The tradition of Christmas stockings by the bedpost or by the open fireplace goes back for hundreds of years. Some parents tell their children that Santa Claus will put toys, fruits or candies in their stocking before they wake up on Christmas Day. I never believed that, because my parents made it clear from as early as I can remember that there is no Santa Claus - Jesus is the reason for we celebrate Christmas.

In one sense, the Christmas stocking has nothing to do with the Christmas story, except it has everything to do with giving. Christmas is the story of how God gave. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” (James 1:17).

That’s it…good gifts…perfect gifts…from the Father of lights.

You will have something very unique to talk about when you give this Christmas stocking to your child, grandchild or friend. It will be a perfect opportunity to share the reason for Christmas.

It takes almost one day to make one stocking. We could give a handout, but we are doing something much better. Because of your gift we are able to bless these women.

Your gift helps to restore dignity and hope. Can you imagine the joy in their hearts knowing that partners of World Impact Ministries in the United States and Canada will be using the Christmas stocking they made?

We just conducted a few weeks ago in Haiti a Gospel Festival. We saw awesome miracles of God’s grace in the middle of terrible poverty beyond description.When talking to people on the streets of Haiti, you could feel their anger and disappointment. They know that much money has been collected around the world to help the earthquake victimes, and yet those who live right in the epicenter, who were hurt the most, feel like they received no help. They wonder, ‘where is the money?’

Contrast this seething anger with the most explosive joy I’ve ever experienced in any country. The Haitians sang, rejoiced, danced and celebrated Jesus like I’ve hardly seen anywhere.

Thank you, your prayers and and gifts reached Haiti.

Christmas is about, “Good will to all people.” The upcoming Gospel campaigns in Africa, Indonesia, India and Pakistan will change history among the un-reached. Plant your seed gift this Christmas on behalf of those who have never heard the name Jesus even once.

Christmas is about honouring Jesus. But, how do we honor Jesus? I believe we do it by blessing the poor, and by doing what he told us to do - go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

We only have a limited supply of the Christmas stockings. I’m going to ask you to sow a seed of at least $85 for each Christmas stocking. This will bless the poor women we are helping and also to do something very tangible to advance the Gospel of Jesus.

Please take these steps:

1.Give your best gift to help the poor women and children and Africa and receive and wonderfully handmake Christmas stocking.

2.We’re glad to pray for every prayer request, but during the month of December, we will focus especially on prayer for families. Maybe there is a situation where you are really looking for God’s help. Feel free fill in your prayer request in the online form.

•Thank you for honoring Jesus.

• Thank you for honoring those who have never heard the Gospel.

• Thank you for honoring the poor who have lost everything.

Miracles happen when you know you’re loved.

Peter Youngren

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