A New Reformation

Revolutions or reformations are not needed in every generation; it is only when things have gone so far that the very foundations of people’s belief systems need to be challenged. Martin Luther lived in such a time. The predominant Christian religion of his day was selling salvation and the forgiveness of sin for monetary gain in the market place. Are we due for another reformation, or as I often call it, a gospel revolution?

I just reviewed a current issue of a major Christian magazine and I see legalism (performance based religion) on almost every page. Various writers lament on topics like these:

– Our prayers aren’t good enough; they must be turned up a whole other notch for God to send revival.

– The problem with America is that there are not enough prophetic watchmen on the wall.

– Christians have an inability to handle their finances and this stops the blessing of God.

– Christians are bound by curses… and one pastor is offering weekend courses on how to break these curses.

– Christians must search for any possible door or loophole for the devil to get in or their life will end in total failure.

– We will be rescued for standing up for the government’s policy in Iraq and this will protect America, Canada and the world from Islamic militarism.

So this is what it’s come to? It is all about what is wrong with us, what we must do, and if we don’t do that then the devil is just going to take over everything. How in the world did we get such a “big devil”? Have we stopped reading the New Testament all together? Page after page in this typical Christian publication is full with what we must do and very little about what Jesus has done. One ad in the magazine runs the caption “We teach what we have done”. There was a time in my life when I would have said the same thing, but thank God I have been delivered from teaching what I have done and instead am freed to spend 100% of my time teaching about what Jesus has done. Many writers and speakers use the phrase, “Wake up America!” Then they usually go on to talk about some evil in society. I like to use the same phrase but in a different way, “Wake up America to see what Jesus has done, the devil has been defeated, the curses have been broken. Believe in what Jesus has done!” When Jesus died He delivered us from the traditions passed on through our fathers. Receive that. Whatever was passed on to you of negative traits by your parents has been covered by what Jesus already did. Believe it and walk in that reality.

If Christian believers would get back to being gospel carriers, representatives of Jesus Christ, instead of being fear mongers and people who try to revel in the self induced enthusiasm about their own spiritual conquest, we would see far more accomplished. I don’t fear Islam or the devil, I only fear that Satan, who deceived Eve by his cunning craftiness, would deceive our minds away from the simplicity that is in Christ.

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