A satellite dish on every roof – huge opportunity for the Gospel in the Middle East

God is doing something very exciting. 330 million people now have access to our telecast. That’s a 1000% increase! When Grace Media has a breakthrough like this, expect a breakthrough for you! We are partners together in God’s grace. - Peter

Dear Friend,

The greatest privilege in the world is to share Jesus with others. That’s what your partnership with Grace Media has done ........ and now we take a giant step forward. In just a few days, our program, “You Are Loved”, will be available, Monday to Friday, in every home in Israel, plus we will access every other nation in the Middle East.

In 2008 God spoke in my spirit “Build A Gospel Voice To The World”, and we have done that step by step. And now the Lord is enabling us through your partnership to take the Good News of Jesus Christ across USA, Canada, Israel and the Middle East. When there is an acceleration at Grace TV Media, I expect an acceleration of blessings also at your home.

That’s why I ask you to enclose your prayer requests .... I expect miracles for YOU, as you release your seed offering in this fertile Gospel soil.

Israel has two large TV providers, Yes TV and Hot TV, we are now on both of them. We cover every household in the country, on the only Christian television network that is listed in the daily and weekly television guides across Israel. In addition, we’ll be accessible to at least 200 million viewers in the surrounding Arab countries.

Your participation is urgently needed. I ask you to join in this great opportunity.

In the early years of Christian television, pioneers like Billy Graham, Katherine Kuhlman and Rex Humbard kept the focus on Jesus Christ and on souls. Believers enthusiastically saw TV as an opportunity to share Christ with those who would never darken the door of a church. Sadly in recent years Christian TV has become a “turn off”, even a laughing stock to some.

My mentor, T.L. Osborn, who recently went home to be with the Lord, told me once that he had watched Christian television for several hours without Jesus Christ even mentioned. How sad!!

Grace TV Media is all about putting Jesus front and center.

When God told me to build a Gospel voice to the world, I said “how Lord?”

Instantly, a Scripture from the story of Deborah exploded in my spirit. When Israel faced an impossible situation from the wicked Sisera, God told Deborah:

“Go and…take with you ten thousand” [Judges 4:6]

God used that story to give me faith that He had prepared the hearts of 10,000 Gospel television partners. A few verses later we read that:

“Deborah went out….and ten thousand went with her” [Judges 4:10]

After in the victory, Deborah sang a song of thanksgiving about the people, who “willingly offered themselves”. Some put everything on the line; they “jeopardized their lives… in the high places of the field” [Judges 5:18].

God gave me assurance that 10,000 were ready to join. All I had to do was to share the vision. That’s how Grace Club 10,000 was birthed with a purpose to use media to bring Jesus Christ to people who otherwise would not hear the Gospel.

Here we are in this moment of great expansion. Will you join me in this God-given opportunity?

The story of Deborah involved many people. One of them was Jael, an ordinary woman, and through her we see that God works through ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary. In the end, Jael “was blessed above women” [Judges 5:24].

There is so little Gospel in the Middle East. In Israel, where Christian tourists come and go every day, vast parts of the population have no idea of the Gospel. Even those who live close to the ancient towns of Capernaum, Bethsaida, and Jaffa, often have no idea why these places are significant.

The great opportunity in the Middle East is that almost all the people receive their television signal through satellite. One of the unique features of our telecast is the testimonies, daily stories of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians, whose lives have been changed by Jesus. We are able to touch people from every background.

We must have 1000 new Grace 360 partners to take this next step. A Grace 360 partner is someone, who gives $1/day [$30/month] to reach the world through media. I need to hear from you. Others can participate as Grace 500 partner, or Grace 1000 partner.

When you respond I will send you the special Grace Club Partnership Package.

Please take these steps:

1. Support online and become a monthly Grace Club partner today. As soon as I hear from you I will send you the Grace Club Package.

2. Submit your prayer needs to the Grace Prayer Center.

3. Sow your BEST ONE-TIME SEED GIFT to send the Gospel through television.

I believe God has caused our paths to cross. I pray that we will be friends for a long time, and that Jesus has already prepared your heart. It is not an accident that you’re holding this letter in your hand.

• Jesus is with you now.

• Jesus works in you and gives you the faith to participate with your offering.

• Jesus expresses his love and generosity through you.

That’s it, Jesus is with us, in us, and works through us. He gives you the love and the faith to sow your best seed gift now. Thank you for your response!

Yours for souls,

Peter Youngren

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