A Step Of Faith Forward

Dear Friend,

We have set aside a WEEK OF MIRACLE PRAYER exclusively for YOU, June 17 – 22. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?

BECAUSE – REAL PRAYER is one of the most important gifts I can give to you. It is a personal way that I and our ministry staff can stand with YOU, as you continue to stand with us through your prayers and gifts of support.

What are your most pressing needs? Is it a miracle of healing, restoration in your marriage, a new job, a financial need, or God’s wisdom in a crisis situation? Whatever it is, we are taking A STEP OF FAITH FORWARD (through prayer) to stand with you.

Please click here to submit your prayer request in the areas of need in your life. We will look at each prayer request through what Jesus Christ has already provided for you.

In fact, friend, I believe that the same miracles that are happening in our campaign here in Africa… will happen in your area.

Maybe you have prayed and it seemed like nothing happened. That’s what Elijah experienced. When his servant told him “There is nothing” (1 Kings 18:43), Elijah answered, “Go again”. It’s our time, look again at what Jesus has done for us.

I want you to be a part of this Week of Prayer, because every time we’ve set aside a season of prayer, exceptional miracles have happened for our partners and friends.

While you are reading this, I am in the interior of Tanzania in a campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of precious souls. Thank you to each one who has supported this campaign and all the other outreaches.

Before I left for Tanzania, I had to release funds for the upcoming campaigns in Karachi, Pakistan and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This has put urgent pressure on our missions’ account.

Thank you for your help at this critical time.

The story, when Elijah prayed for rain, ends, “And it came to pass… that the heaven was black with clouds and wind and there was a great rain” (1 Kings 18:45).

What Jesus did for us has released the rain of blessing for everyone… the MIRACLE WEEK OF PRAYER will be a tremendous opportunity to experience supernatural solutions from God.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity click here to support Gospel advancement.


Peter Youngren

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