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Less Than 1% Christians in Taunggyi, Burma

Nathan Thurber met Buddhist leaders in preparation for Peter Youngren Friendship FestivalLeaders in Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma) recently received Nathan Thurber to discuss a Friendship Festival scheduled with Peter Youngren later this year. Taunggyi is a large city with less than 1% believers. There are only […]

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Are You Excited About… Righteousness?

One of the basic truths of the Christian life was blurred to me when I started my journey with Jesus decades ago. And yet, that basic truth is one of the fundamentals, and we need to discover it personally in order to experience it fully. […]

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Where is Christianity Headed?

A myriad of voices are vying for our attention, so where will Christianity be 5, 10 or 20 years from now? There is a battle across the world, and it is a struggle for the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere! Who are the […]

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