Allahabad, India Festival

Final Report


Report Day 5

The 5th and final night of the Allahabad Friendship festival concluded peacefully although we were still not allowed to bring healing testimonies up on the platform.

Peter Youngren preached that we were created to be loved by God. When sin came in, love was forgotten, but God revealed his love to us by sending Jesus to die for our sins and show us the true character of the Father. Now it is up to everyone in Allahabad to RECEIVE God’s love. When we believe in God’s love and receive it, miracles, healings, eternal life and everything we need in life, will follow.

The crowds were by far the largest tonight and many thousands of hands were raised all over the field during the invitation to receive Jesus and confess Him as Lord.

Tonight Peter Youngren did not pray for the sick. He only proclaimed with a loud voice: “Jesus heals you now, Jesus heals you now”. Within a few minutes we had a long line of people in front of the stage who wanted to testify about their healing.

Just like yesterday today was “everything night”. Jesus gloriously healed people from kidney stones, body aches, deafness, paralysis, cancer, demon possession and so much more.

Vijay, 20, was born deaf and dumb from birth. Tonight he started hearing and speaking for the first time in his life. His mother joined him and verified the healing.

Tinku, 19, had been healed from liver problems during the first night of the festival, but did not testify about it until today since he wanted to be totally sure before testifying. Every time he ate food his liver had been aching badly, but since 4 days the pain was completely gone!

Kiran, 45, came to the meeting on crutches, partly paralyzed, and on heavy medication. She was in so much pain that she wanted to leave the meeting before it was time to pray for the sick, but her son convinced her to stay. Thank God she stayed because Jesus healed her!

Usha, 46, had been coming to the festival every previous night without receiving her healing. After an accident the doctors had to put a metal plate in her leg to keep it steady. Since the accident she had not been able to bend her leg. Now she was able to walk and bend her leg without any problem, completely healed by Jesus!

Urmila, 32, had a cancer tumor as big as a fist in her stomach for the past 8 years. The tumor had been bleeding constantly. Tonight the tumor shrunk to nothing and the bleeding stopped!

In spite of all the opposition – there were demonstrations out in the streets protesting against us every day of the festival – God protected us and turned everything around to a great victory for the kingdom of God.

We want to thank the local committee in Allahabad for their great devotion and hard work! Thank you also to our partners and friends back home for prayers and support!

Report Day 4

Local newspapers have been writing about the festival and the protesters every day, both positive and negative. Among the negative comments are claims that Peter Youngren is bringing ”superstition” to Allahabad. Among positive comments are detailed descriptions of healings taking place with mention of specific names and sickness of those healed.

In his sermon Peter Youngren proclaimed that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD. He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. What might be IMPOSSIBLE for man is POSSIBLE FOR JESUS.

As the word was preached with power, faith arose in the hearts of the people, leading to numerous wonderful healing testimonies. Peter Youngren had proclaimed that ”tonight is everything night” and we really saw God heal all kinds of sicknesses and infirmities.

Dhiraj, 17, had a big growth on his right eyelid, leaving the eye totally closed for 15 years. Tonight the eye suddenly popped open!

Deepika, 29, had not been able to walk after giving birth to her child in 2006. She was on heavy medication, but the medicines did not help. Today Jesus healed her completely and she started walking for the first time since 2006!

Anmol, 7, had been deaf since birth. He started hearing for the first time in his life tonight!

Nisar Ali, 62, had been paralyzed in his left side with no sensation for the past 5 years. After Peter Youngren had prayed for the sick he could walk without assistance!

The police would still not allow us to bring the healed up on the platform and Peter Youngren made it clear to everyone on the field that the Police and local government were limiting the freedom of speech – a constitutional right in India. However, everyone in the field could still follow the testimonies through a big projector screen on the stage.

After the meeting, several of World Impact Ministries’ team members stayed in the field and helped praying for the sick and casting out evil spirits.

The last week has been like a chapter from the book of Acts. God is truly revealing his love in Allahabad!

Report Day 3

Day 3 of the Allahabad Friendship Festival was just as dramatic as previous days. Right after the morning seminar for pastors and leaders we received news that the court case regarding the cancellation of the festival had been appealed to the Supreme Court in Delhi. We are at this moment not sure when the Supreme Court hearing will start.

Yesterday Peter Youngren followed the request from the Police and District Magistrate by not allowing the people who are healed to come up on stage to testify. Instead he had them come to the empty area just in front of the stage. Had we not followed this request there would have been a big chance that the government would have closed down the event.

Before the festival started in the evening the protesters were trying to block the road leading to the festival venue. Because of this many people arrived late in the field and we can only speculate how many people became afraid and therefore returned home when they saw the protesters. Eventually the Police had the protesters removed from the street. There were also rumors that the protesters were going to block the road outside of the hotel so that Peter Youngren would not be able to make it to the field on time. However this never happened.

Just before the service was going to start, we received news that the government and police requested that we did not even bring people forward to testify at all. This is clearly an attempt by the devil to silence any evidence that Jesus Christ is for real and that he still heals people today as he did 2000 years ago. When it was time for the healing testimonies Peter Youngren suddenly, inspired by the Holy Spirit, decided to allow people to come to the area in front of the stage. “We are not going to hide the miracles”, Peter Youngren said. “Jesus is alive today and he still heals people today. Let the people of Allahabad see it”.

Peter Youngren shared a powerful message about the resurrection of Jesus. Thousands lifted their hands as a sign that they wanted to receive new life through Jesus Christ.

The healing testimonies were great tonight. We were all very touched by the healing of Janki, 25 years old. She was born deaf and mute, but today Jesus healed her and she started hearing and talking for the first time in her life. Her father was crying for joy and Janki herself was hugging all the people around her, grateful to Jesus for her healing. This was an amazing moment!

Here some of the other testimonies:

Chottelal, 64, a lawyer, had suffered from short eyesight for the past 4 years. Weeping for joy he declared to the whole crowd: “I can see so clearly now, I can see clearly now”.

Vijay, a 9 year old boy, had been mute since birth. Today Jesus healed him and his mother verified the healing in front of all the people.

Munni, 40, testified that a tumor the size of a fist had suddenly disappeared from her stomach area after prayer.

Please continue to keep Peter and Taina and the rest of the team in your prayers.

Report Day 2

Strong groups are trying to stop the Allahabad Friendship Festival and the last few days have been very turbulent for the local committee of pastors as well as for World Impact Ministries’ team. Day 2 started with the seminar for pastors and leaders. In the middle of the seminar a letter was sent from the office of the District Magistrate demanding the cancellation of the festival because of the healings that took place in the name of Jesus in the previous night. These healings in the name of Jesus were ‘offensive to Hindus’, according to the letter.

The committee pastors had to leave the seminar in the middle of Peter Youngren’s teaching and rush to find a lawyer in order to respond to the letter. Later in the afternoon Peter Youngren met the Superintendent Head of Police together with the other committee pastors. The outcome was that Peter Youngren had to promise not to bring any healed people up on the stage to testify. Instead we were free to interview them on the ground in front of the stage. The police have been under high pressure from opposing groups and although they have been supportive of the Festival, they wanted to give the protesters ‘something’. This was seen as a gesture of compromise in order to appease the protesters.

God was not limited by this restriction. Instead He intervened by healing one of the police officers, Rankumar, deployed in the field for our protection. Rankumar had suffered from rheumatism in his legs for the past 3 years. Medicines had not been able to relieve the pain, which made it very difficult for him to bend his legs. But today Jesus healed him and he came to the area in front of the stage and testified boldly about his healing.

Risiya had not been able to bend her right knee for several years. Every time she had to go to the toilet she needed assistance. Tonight Jesus healed her!

Ram, 43, had been suffering from severe pain in back and knees for the past 10 years and had not been able to stand or even sit up straight. Today his life changed completely!

The greatest thing, however, was to see all the thousands of hands raised all over the field as a sign that people wanted to receive the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

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Report Day 1

Day one of the Allahabad Friendship Festival was completed with success. Peter Youngren shared a simple message of God’s love and that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The miracles He performed 2000 years ago He still performs today, which in turn proves that He indeed is risen from the dead. People of different religions responded with great enthusiasm.

God confirmed the preaching of the Good News by healing the sick. Today Peter Youngren especially prayed for the deaf, but we also saw healings from many other sicknesses and deceases.

Anchal, a 13 year old girl, born deaf, today received her hearing. Her father joined her on stage and testified about this glorious and touching healing! One could really see from the tears in Anchal’s eyes how touched and grateful she was.

Two ladies, 52 year old Ramdal and 25 year old Uma, both received healing from long-term deafness in one of their ears. Ramday had been partially deaf for 22 years while Uma for 20 years.

Mariam, 71, had not been able to walk for one year. The doctor had told her she would have go through an operations where they put iron plates into her hips in order to be able to walk again. That was going to cost her up to 30.000 Rupies, about 500 USD; money she did not have. Instead doctor Jesus intervened and she could and run perfectly on stage!

A young Muslim man, whose car just “happened” to break down outside of the festival grounds went in and was healed from migraine headache as well as pain in his ears caused by an ear drum operation a while back! Jesus is truly alive!

Earlier in the day the high court of Allahabad dismissed a case filed by radical groups trying to stop the festival. We thank God for what He is doing in Allahabad.

Current News

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Day Before the Festival

Peter and Taina Youngren arrived in Allahabad late afternoon and were rushed to the hotel and the awaiting press conference. Around 70 journalists and cameramen were there, eager to ask questions about the purpose of the festival. Some examples of questions asked: Are you a healer? Are you coming to convert people? Why do your prayers heal the sick while the prayers of our religion do not?

Only one hour after the press conference finished, Peter Youngren hosted a Friendship Dinner for political and religious leaders. Among the dignitaries were one of the most famous Hindu gurus in Allahabad, a man with tremendous influence within the Hindu religion, key Muslim leaders, as well as the Minister of Agriculture of Uttar Pradesh, a Christian. Peter Youngren received an overwhelmingly very friendly welcome from the religious and political leaders present.

The last couple of days have been turbulent as radical groups are trying to stop the festival. There is now a court case against the festival with the first hearing tomorrow. These groups have torn down many of our billboards and amid threats of violence tried to make the authorities remove the permits. So far both the local government and the police have been supporting the festival. Earlier today 100 people marched in the streets close to the festival grounds demanding the cancellation of the event. The police came and arrested them and put them on trucks to remove them from the festival ground area.

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