Ambon, Indonesia Festival

Johan Olehall Reports

One word sums up this festival: AMAZING!!

On night four Pastor Peter preached a powerful message: Nothing is impossible for God. Both Christians and Muslims were rejoicing during the message. Each night of the festival we saw the crowd grow larger. By the last night we reached the highlight - five nights of numerous salvations and mass healings culminated in what was definitely our largest night. Pastor Peter preached that Jesus rose from the dead, is alive today and the evidence of this is that He still heals people. In the middle of Peter’s preaching it started raining but people stayed through the whole message, hungry for a touch by God. At the end of his message he called everyone who wanted to receive Jesus to come to the front of the stage. Within 30 seconds the whole area in front and along the sides was totally packed with people.

God confirmed the preaching of the Gospel with many great healings. Tumours were removed, eyes and ears were healed and people who came to the field with assistance were now able to walk well on their own.

Here are just a few of the testimonies:

  • A 9 year old boy, Fendry, was healed from the deafness he had had in both ears since the age of 3.
  • Evert, a man in his sixties, was healed from deafness in both ears and also from cataracts.
  • One other healing that stood out to me was the healing of Maya, a 27 year old woman who had suffered from bad eyesight for the past 7 years. Maya’s husband stood in the crowds when Peter interviewed her. Peter asked him to join them on stage and with tears streaming from his eyes he praised Jesus for healing his wife.
  • Els, a 70 year old woman, came to the meeting with a tumour on her back bigger than a fist. The tumour had been there for the last 20 years, but tonight it disappeared. By touching the skin where the tumour had been only minutes before, one could tell there had been a big tumour there.
  • Pai, 57, and Vivi, 10, had been deaf and mute since birth, but tonight they both received the ability to hear and speak. We also saw many back injuries, as well as all kinds of other infirmities and diseases, healed by the power of God.

We give glory to God for all the salvations and miracles that happened during these five days! Thanks to all of you back home who made this possible!


Johan Olehall


Day 5 Report


Day 4 Report


Day 3 Report


Excitement filled the stadium in Ambon as the crowd poured into the Gospel Festival here. Peter had told them before to bring the blind, and they did!

Peter preached on how the blind can see again! Not just those who are physically blind, but the spiritually blind as well. As he preached the people eyes were truly opened to see Jesus for who He really is.

After a beautiful time of receiving new life in Jesus, Peter also prayed for the physically blind to be able to see again. And the crowd was so excited that, as they were healed, they began to run to the platform to testify!

The very first testimony of the night was from an elderly Muslim man, La Ada, who had been blind for 3 years. His smile lit up the stage! Many other blind testified of healing as well. But not just the blind; those suffering from strokes could walk and move properly again, tumours disappeared, the lame could walk, nerves that had damaged were restored and so much more! There were too many on stage wanting to testify than time allowed for. But those who didn't get an opportunity to testify broke into dancing and jumping with joy as the service came to an end.

What an amazing Festival it has been in Ambon! The love of God is truly being revealed to the people as they receive it with such openness and joy! Thank you for taking part in this beautiful week of transformation in Ambon! Your prayers and support have made such a difference.

Day 2 Report


The second day in Ambon began with the arrival of Dr. Stephen Swisher. In the morning Dr. Swisher spoke in the Gospel Revolution Seminar along with Pastor Peter; they spoke to an excited crowd of pastors and leaders, who had gathered from all the churches.

As evening came, again the people filled the stadium for the second night of the Gospel Festival. The crowd was much bigger than the night before and the people’s hunger and openness to hear about Jesus could almost be felt!

After preaching Peter led the people in a prayer to receive Jesus into their lives! What a beautiful sight as countless of hands and voices were lifted high to Jesus at that time!

Once the miracles and testimonies took place the praise and gratefulness was given fully to Jesus!

One elderly man, Yohanes, 77 years old, was so overcome by joy that he could hear again after 10 years of struggling with deafness, that in the middle of his testimony he kissed his wife! Pastor Peter quickly announced to all that what this man was experiencing is what Jesus has come to do. God has come to Ambon and is demonstrating His love to them! The crowd cheered with joy along with this elderly couple!

It has only been two nights into the Festival, but it seems as if the whole city of Ambon knows about it and the miracles taking place there. We can only imagine how God will continue to touch this city in the 3 nights still to come!

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as we continue on with the seminar and festival until the end of the week!

Day 1 Report


The first night of the Gospel Festival in Ambon was officially opened by the governor. The crowd gathered with excitement and expectation to see if miracles would take place.

Peter preached a short but powerful message declaring that Jesus was alive. After he preached 1,000’s of those who came asked the living Jesus to come into their hearts.

Following that was prayers for healing and many miracles took place. Those who wanted to testify of the miracle they had received soon filled the stage! Many deaf ears had been opened. Like Ibu Nina, who had been deaf in one ear for 30 years. Or Margarita, a 19 year old girl who had been deaf since a small child. There was also La Maiya, a Muslim man, who regained his hearing after 25 years! The crowd roared with joy as he raised his hand and shouted out “thank you Jesus!”

Other miracles, including the lame walking and tumors gone, were also testified of.

A special invitation was given to Peter and the World Impact team to join the governor at his home for dinner after the festival.

Thank you partners for your prayers and support that made this night possible! We are looking forward to another 4 nights of God doing amazing things here in Ambon!

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