Are Christians really that needy?

I just spent five days traveling across the United States. Staying in hotels and having some free time on my hands I made it a point of watching a lot of Christian television. Something struck me very strange in program after program. The viewer is inundated with the preaching which claims we need victory?, breakthrough?, the next level?, etc. The preaching is quite obviously targeting born-again, spirit-filled believers. Are we really that needy? Or are preachers merely feeling a false emotion-based feeling of need?

Or are preachers merely feeling a false emotion-based feeling of need? I shudder to think where the rest of the world (the non-believers) are if we who are born of the Spirit with Christ indwelling us are in such dire straits. Every time a preacher tells you what you need that statement pre-supposes you dont have it.

Doesnt anyone believe in Ephesians 1:3, that we already have been blessed with every blessing? Is the Christian life really a journey towards our higher levels of anointing and victory? Sounds more like Buddhism to me. What about Pauls prayer that we would see what our inheritance in Christ is (Ephesians 1:17-18)?

Pauls teaching stands in stark contrast to what I saw on Christian television. The apostle never suggested to anyone that they needed victory, breakthrough or the next level. Instead he continually reinforced the truth that we have everything in Christ. Our need is not to obtain everything, but to see what is already ours. Thats why we are on television in the United States and Canada to preach Pauls gospel of what Jesus has done. We are not a religion of people looking for elusive blessings and victories – WE HAVE IT NOW, SO MAY OUR EYES BE OPENED TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE!

Let me hear from you.- Peter Youngren

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