Bali, Indonesia

Words can not adequately describe what took place in Bali, Indonesia. Over 30 people stood on stage the first evening testifying how Jesus had restored sight to their eyes. Hindu, Christian, Muslim… people from every religion stood on stage healed. The excitement felt in the field would exceed that of any concert or sporting event conducted.

To somewhat understand the sheer excitement and significance of this event, please allow me to describe the history of Bali.

Called the “island of gods”, Bali is a spiritually intriguing area and the location of our incredibly historic Gospel Festival this week (June 19-22). The front of every building in Bali is adorned by an idol erected to appease their many gods. Offerings are made to the idols several times a day to bring favor from the gods.

While located in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, Bali is an exception with a population that is over 90% Hindu. Less that 2% believe in Jesus.

This is an incredible opportunity for the Gospel in an area many would call unreached. We are honored to be conducting the first large outdoor Gospel meeting in the history of Bali.

The initial day began with a press conference where reporters peppered Pastor Peter with questions. “How and why do you plan on Christianizing Bali”, one reporter inquired. Wisely replying to this legitimate question, Pastor Peter explained that he was not here to promote a religion. He was here to represent Jesus, Who is alive today and Who would show Himself alive today healing people this week.

By 3pm the first day the sick and hurting began gathering in the large soccer stadium for the Festival that would not start until 6pm. The excitement and expectation was palpable as Pastor Peter took the platform before a packed stadium. Only the overflow areas remained for the crowd to grow in following nights.

The crowd hung on every word as Pastor Peter presented Jesus TODAY. New Life…. TODAY. Healing…... TODAY. Not a theory. Not a story. A reality…. TODAY.

“Papa, you want to walk. You imagine yourself walking, but you find it hard to have faith. It’s ok. There is One Who believes. His faith is perfect. You can be healed. Jesus heals you,” Pastor Peter declared to a man sitting in a wheelchair 10 meters from the stage.

Even before he could finish the powerful prayer for the sick, clusters of celebration erupted around the stadium as people realized their healings. The stage quickly became full to overflowing with beautiful Balinese people coming to testify what Jesus had done for their body.

The very first miracle to testify was a young boy brought by his father. The boy had been deaf since birth, but had now received his hearing. This was the first of many deaf ears opened.

This was a Gospel celebration that will not soon be forgotten. At such moments it is as if time stands still. All current, past or future circumstances become a distant memory in light of the incomparable joy and hope found in Jesus.

Thousands of Hindu, Christian and Muslim friends filled the stadium beyond capacity night after night. Several Hindu priests sat on the front row to receive healing from Jesus the last night of the Festival. Every evening many people from every religion were healed and demonstrated their healing on stage.

The stadium manager told us he had never hosted a crowd this size in his stadium for any event.

From the Governor of Bali, to the Hindu priests, to the former King of Bali, all expressed sincere gratitude and thanks for Pastor Peter coming.

In an area where less than 2% of the people profess a belief in Jesus, it would be an understatement to say that this was a historical Festival. Many of Pastor Peter’s festivals are noteworthy. This one was special. It was ground breaking…the first ever in the area… what a fantastic success for Jesus!

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