Bali, Indonesia

Amidst the bustling, semi-modern culture of Bali, Indonesia, many acknowledged never hearing the name of Jesus before the 2007 Bali Gospel Festival. Despite the previous lack of Jesus awareness, newspaper headlines proclaimed the incredible wonders God was doing at the Festival, and live radio relayed Pastor Peter’s sermons to the entire province.

Pastor Peter and World Impact Ministries are currently conducting a ONE MILLION SOULS Campaign. The most recent Festival in Bali, Indonesia was a mighty example of what God can do in a Muslim and Hindu culture. As the pictures show, vast crowds filled the stadium day after day. In fact, the stadium was packed from the first night, with tens of thousands responding to salvation daily. The announcement from Pastor Peter that the sins of the people had been blotted out with one sacrifice was received with joy, as the people repented of their dead works.

From high-ranking Political Leaders, to society’s seemingly lowest citizens, to prominent Religious Leaders, Pastor Peter has been a witness for God’s love through Jesus to multiplied thousands. Adopting a method of presenting a person, Jesus, rather than a religion, many thousands have received freely from Jesus, both forgiveness of sins and healing in their bodies.

Many said they had never heard of Jesus… NOT EVEN ONCE BEFORE. Some of those healed said that when they first heard the “Hallelujah” chorus they thought the name of “our god” was “hallelujah”. When our TV crew visited the home of one lady healed of a tumor, she told them she had never heard of Jesus before this Festival, and was initially confused by the singing of the song “Hallelujah”. However, after Pastor Peter’s preaching everyone understood very clearly that Jesus is both Saviour and Healer.

In a country where Pantheism and Islam thrive side by side, the Gospel cuts through all religions. Every home and business on the island is instructed by law to have an altar to the gods believed to reside on the property. The people are instructed to make offerings three times a day on the altars. If they disobey this, it is believed that the gods will become angry and cause sickness and tragedy.

Given the fact that most Balinese spiritual leaders practice a form of magic, it was quite natural initially that the newspapers wrote, “Peter Youngren has magic powers.” Peter wasted no time in making everyone aware that it was JESUS alone who deserved all the attention.


Each night four medical doctors were present to check and validate the healings. Patients were given extensive tests by the doctors to verify the miracles, which only further served to give glory to Jesus.

One night a large number of lame were healed, including two Hindu priests and one Buddhist priest. We visited one of the Hindu priests in his home the next day. Incredible joy filled his face as he described what Jesus had done. His entire family gathered around him as he, in great detail, told the story of Jesus healing his body.

Each day the stadium became more crowded with the sick and hurting streaming into the Festival. Many traveled for hours just to attend the Festival having heard the astounding reports or miracles being reported through the TV, newspapers and radio.


Pastor Peter boldly proclaimed God’s love and grace, “Good News Bali, Jesus has done something good for you…. He became your substitute…. from sin to righteousness, from sickness to health, from darkness to light…. Jesus has done it for you!” This message contrasted sharply with the message spread by religion, “you are not good enough”, “the gods are angry”, and “your sickness and suffering is a result of your own errors”. You can imagine how the people felt hearing Pastor Peter say, “It does not matter what you have done. Jesus listens to your cry. Jesus cares.” One local pastor said, “Peter Youngren is like a battering ram. He cuts through all the religious talk, and presents a crystal clear picture of Jesus to the people.”

A Mighty Gospel Net

Combined with the Pastors Seminar, the Gospel Festivals are bringing in a tremendous harvest of souls. Sensational amounts of people are receiving Jesus, and thousands of pastors and leaders are being trained in the Gospel. Pastor Peter is able to impart to the pastors and leaders the revelation that God has supernaturally given him. Churches and pastors are catching the message and running with it on their own. One church reports having meetings where a majority of those attending are from the Muslim faith. This particular church is now one of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Another pastor now conducts his own Festivals throughout Indonesia with fantastic results.

Thank-you for participating in casting this Gospel net across Indonesia.

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