Biak, Indonesia

Thousands of Indonesians packed the busy streets as the Biak Gospel festival opened with a grand parade through the center of town.  Classes were disrupted in a nearby school as students pressed their faces to the window, waving in excitement at the sight of hundreds of believers singing and shouting, “Papua for Jesus!”  Led by a police escort and children’s marching band, several speaker cars boldly announced to all, “The blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk.  Welcome to the Biak Festival!”  A noisy bamboo flute and percussion band flanked the rear, accompanied by a stream of decorated motorcycles and vehicles. 

That night, a girl was listening in the crowd to the preacher.  She had been drawn to the field by the advertised promise of healing.  Her little 5-year-old Muslim sister was deaf and mute since birth.  After several years of visiting physicians and witch doctors, she was desperate.  Believing in Jesus the Healer, she began to communicate with her sister after the prayer for those who were deaf.  The masses rejoiced as Peter Youngren tested the little girl’s hearing behind her back.

Gladly, he instructed the sister to begin to teach her how to speak and talk in Indonesian.  The next day, team members visited their home and found the entire family rejoicing in the healing Jesus had brought to them.

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