Bomb Threat and Crystal Clear Gospel

Tonight the Gospel cut through with razor-sharp precision. Last night I announced to the people to bring the blind, and they did. At times when I took the people through the promises of God for blind people, there was such a “matter-of-factness” about my words that I did not feel like I was preaching. I was simply announcing what Jesus has done and the ensuing confirmation of his Gospel. At one point I took considerable time to announce that the world’s sins have been put away by one sacrifice. It really sank in. I felt like I was cutting through frozen butter with a red-hot knife; hearts were melted. Ten thousand or more responded to receive Jesus. Remember, we are in a city that is almost totally Muslim.

The first testimony was a Muslim boy born blind, closely followed by a Hindu girl also born blind. Many Muslims followed, some born blind, some blind ranging from 2-20 years. There were so many I lost count. One blind lady had traveled for ten hours and she too was healed. The security detail [remember yesterday’s blog; the men surrounding me with their pistols drawn while I preached] looked nervous when a Muslim man in devout dress tried to get up on the platform. They scanned him again and again for bombs; even though every person had already been scanned before coming onto the field. No problem, it was a young Muslim man who had brought his blind brother, now also healed.

Oh yes, there was a bomb threat received by the police just before tonight’s service started. I still haven’t quite figured out how God saved us from being cancelled last night; I will get back to you about that. I thank God for our team. Marius Nicolaisen is relatively new as Gospel Campaign Director. He took over just a year and a half ago after Nathan Thurber, who had been with me on more than 40 campaigns (Nathan is now the COO for Grace Television Network). Marius stood with me last night, thinking of every excuse not to cancel this Gospel Festival. We were under great pressure because of the orders from high officials in the President’s office, due to security risks. In fact, we were minutes away from having to announce a cancellation when the Lord turned it around. Marius stood with great strength, as did our whole team: Don Sparman, Markus Kotisaari, Kyle Sweitzer, David Sterling and Mike Wallace. A special thanks to our local coordinator Nazir, who withstood personal threats. He and his assistant William are hard-core believers, ready to stand for Jesus. My interpreter is also a wonderful man, who was disowned by his family and threatened with death when he came to Christ in 1984. A big thank you to all our partners, but the biggest thanks to Jesus Christ. More tomorrow. All our expenses are paid here in Pakistan, but within a week I’m on to Indonesia. Please do what you can to help.


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