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Amid exceptionally tight security, Pastor Peter Youngren successfully opened the first of five meetings of the Karachi, Pakistan Friendship Festival last night to a great crowd eager to hear his message.

Karachi, Pakistan Friendship Festival Night 1

Despite numerous warnings not to go to Pakistan by the Pakistan government and United Nations due to the Red Alert of terror activity, Pastor Peter was miraculously allowed to proceed forward with this Gospel Festival and Pastor’s Seminar. As reported in the news, major bomb blasts were ignited by terrorists in each of the major cities of Pakistan in the past week. All foreigners were told to leave the country, or avoid any public places.

Despite the negative reports, Pakistan is a beautiful country, with loving people, that has sadly become synonymous with the extremists and terrorists that inhabit its land. This certainly does not reflect the majority of the population, which is 96% Islamic, whom are both kind and hospitable. Yet like other countries World Impact Ministries has visited, Pakistan has been stereotyped by the radical minority, who have the potential to do much damage.

The first day of the Festival saw many deaf healed. The stage was full of those healed in their ears, testifying that Jesus had healed their deafness. Geo Television Network, which has the largest news viewership in Karachi, a city of 16 million people, was at the Festival recording the miracles to show on the news. Word of what Jesus is doing is spreading quickly.

Mr. Abdul, one of many healed of deafness in Karachi, Pakistan last night

Just last week Pastor Peter was in Denpasar, Indonesia conducting another historic Gospel Festival, and each day the local newspapers attended the Festival and published the miracles in the papers the next day. Each night sensational miracles were seen in Denpasar, and incredible joy was felt in Denpasar, a city with less than 3% believers in Jesus.

Festival in Denpasar, Indonesia

This morning, Pastor Peter’s three (3) day Karachi Gospel Revolution Seminar for Pastors and Leaders opened to several thousand delegates. The excitement was palpable as the pastors continued to pack the tent to overflowing. As Pastor Peter Youngren, Pastor David Sterling from Finland and Rev Mary Felde from Norway spoke, the pastors hung on every word. An explosion of revelation and joy was felt at the conclusion.

God has given Pastor Peter incredible favor among the "unreached" areas of the earth. Whether speaking with government officials or religious leaders, who govern these areas open doors of opportunity are abounding.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Four nights remain in the Karachi, Pakistan Friendship Festival, and your prayers are so appreciated. Continue to pray that the Gospel of Jesus is given opportunity to go forward with great strength and boldness. As the first meeting closed, throngs of people filled each of the follow up stations on the field where new believers received follow up material. Your support makes this possible.

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