Canadians Want Jesus

It’s been rewarding on our Grace 2010 tour to be able to announce that as of March 15th we are now available on Shaw Cable, channel 166. That in itself is an answer to prayer. I knew from the onset when we took over The Christian Channel now Grace TV, that to be really effective we would need Shaw Cable, which is so strong in the four western provinces.

During a time of prayer last fall, the Lord impressed on me to fly to the Shaw Corporate Headquarters in Calgary and talk to some of the corporate leaders within the Shaw organization. Well, to make a long story short as of March 15th, we are available in virtually every household across the west. In total, we reach more than 50% of Canadian households, and people from more than 170 nations have tuned in to the streaming of Grace TV.

We have seven more rallies to go. Pray with me that we’ll continue to see a great response for salvation, as we travel from St. John’s Newfoundland to Toronto. Pray for strength for Jessy Dixon!

One of the great memories from the tour is the testimonies of people whose lives have been changed. Each night before the service, Steve McLaughlin would ask people who have been healed, saved or received a particular answer to prayer through our previous visits or through Grace TV to record their testimony. From salvation to healing of cancer, it’s really rewarding to read the testimonies of lasting change and lasting miracles of healing in people’s lives. I’d love to hear from you how the Lord has touched your life. I conclude with best of all; 638 people responded to salvation during the first eight rallies. Yes, Canadians want Jesus.


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