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Amazing truth what the Holy Spirit says about sin; you may be surprised!

If we think it is important to give the gospel to people, we do well to ask the obvious question: how does the Holy Spirit relate to the world, especially those who do not know Christ.
There’s no higher authority to answer this question than Jesus Christ, who said that the Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment [John 16:7 – 11]. This could mean different things to different people. Fortunately Jesus explained exactly what he meant by these three words:…..

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Go all the way with the Holy Spirit

On the day of Pentecost the first sign that the believers had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit was that they spoke in other tongues. Sometimes, speaking in tongues has been ridiculed and minimized, and believers have failed to benefit from this gift, which is designed to strengthen us inwardly. Others drive the car into the opposite ditch and make speaking in tongues the main thing.
Speaking in tongues is the first sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but the greatest sign is…

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The Holy Spirit Hovers

Before we came to faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit was already at work convicting us concerning our need for Jesus Christ. Once we receive Christ, every believer has the Spirit to strengthen, empower and guide. Often referred to as the “Comforter”, from the Greek word paraklete [one who comes alongside], the Holy Spirit is our promised friend who reminds us what….

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