Characteristics of a “Grace Believer” Part 4-6

What does it mean to be a ‘grace-person’ or a ‘grace-church’? Find out next three characteristics:

4. A recognition of the true power of sin. Some suggest that grace makes ‘light’ of sin, but the opposite is true. Sin is so powerful that no effort, discipline or struggle can defeat it. Our only hope is in believing that Jesus took all sins – past, present and future – “once for all”. Victory over sin happens by yielding to the indwelling Christ. The good news is that our sins cannot stop God’s grace, but grace stops sin.

5. True repentance. The Greek word ‘metanoia’, translated repentance, means to ‘change one’s mind after’. Repentance happens when we turn our thinking from “dead works”, Heb. 6:1 – our religious efforts. Realizing the futility of our own struggle against sin we turn to Christ, who alone can save. The Book of Acts calls this “repentance to life”, Acts 11:18.

6. Faith that Jesus Christ is at work at inside believers. In a grace-based church, pastors are not trying to micromanage people’s lives, but trusting that God’s grace is at work in each one. When we let Jesus live big in us, true holiness will result.

Coming up next week parts 7-9!

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