Characteristics of a “Grace Believer” Part 7-9

There is an array of misinformation about the meaning of God’s grace. Today my article continues… These are next three characteristics:

7. The Law of Moses was for a purpose, namely to show our inability to become holy by our own effort. By the law every mouth of self-righteousness is stopped, and it becomes clear that God’s grace is our only hope.

8. The law was until Christ, Gal. 3:24. As of 2000 years ago, Christ has come, and His coming was “the end of the law for righteousness”. Now all God’s promises have their “Yes” and their “Amen” in what Christ has done.

9. Righteousness instead of sin-consciousness. When we focus on sin, these sins get a stronger hold, but when our attention is on Christ’s righteousness, sin’s power is broken. The New Covenant promises “no more consciousness of sins”, Heb. 10:2, “for sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace”, Rom. 6:14.

Coming up next week parts 10-12!

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