Charging 2013 with Wisdom Insights

We are charging into 2013, believing God for YOUR MEGA INCREASE!

Dear Friend,

Do you know someone who is under pressure because of unpaid bills or never having enough? Do you know anyone in need of deliverance from debt and lack?

The Bible is the most positive book in the world. You don’t find words like ‘subtract’, ‘cutback’, and ‘reduce’ in Scripture, but ‘increase’ and ‘increased’ occur more than 160 times. Already, Genesis chapter one talks about “multiplication”. In one place we are promised to “increase with the increase of God”.

I have read the prayer requests that come to our Prayer Center and I am acutely aware that many are under attack in their finances. In fact, it is at the point where I feel compelled to do something about it. Starting January 7th I will be teaching on television and on the Internet about attacking lack.

I prepared a special teaching “7 WISDOM INSIGHTS GOD TAUGHT ME ABOUT INCREASE”. In addition I have set aside January as a special time of prayer in faith for your personal financial breakthrough. Look at this divine promise:

“even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you” [Zech 9:12].

God spoke this to the people of Israel returning home, after a long captivity. They’d have to start from scratch to make a living. In the natural they faced an impoverished desolation. One of the prophets told them that they “sowed much, but reaped little”. It was as if they put their money into ‘a bag with holes’.

Have you ever faced a situation like that? Shortage and lack in every direction? This is not what God wants. God delights in your increase. The apostle Paul was never bashful about giving and receiving increase. He wrote:

“God loves a cheerful giver and God is able to make ALL grace abound to you so that in ALL things, at ALL times, having ALL that you need, you will excel in ALL good works”.

I have underlined “ALL” to make it stand out. The apostle wasn’t saying we would abound sometimes or have some of what we need. ALL means ALL. This is not a message for a select few; it is for EVERYONE.

We are more than partners in world evangelism - we are a spiritual family. When one member suffers we all suffer. I take it very serious when I hear of a World Impact Partner, who is suffering in their finances. This is not God’s plan. That’s why we are embarking on a PRAYER CAMPAIGN and a WISDOM CAMPAIGN in January.

In Luke chapter 21, Jesus was at the temple and watched people who gave finances. Jesus noticed a poor widow, who gave two mites, and said, “this woman has put in more than all of them”. In the original language this woman is described as “penichros”, which means “hardworking”.

Simply put this woman worked hard for everything she had. She made every penny count. Money did not come easily to her. Jesus said that everyone else gave out of their abundance… their surpluses, but not this widow woman:

She gave our of her NEED
She gave her best!
She put God first!

Jesus pinpointed a spiritual secret; God looks at the heart more than the amount.

It is no sin to face a challenge in finances. Don’t condemn yourself if you have your back up against the wall financially. But be sure that God doesn’t want you to be under the stress of lack and debt. God wants you free. The 7 wisdom principles that I share on the CD will help many to start moving from lack to abundance.

We are in the beginning of 2013. I encourage you to do what the hardworking widow did. GIVE OUT OF YOUR NEED! GIVE INTO THE GOSPEL! GIVE YOUR BEST! Start attacking lack by releasing something precious from your hand. Then set your sight on increase.

Here’s what I ask you to do:

1. Fill in this prayer form. We will pray throughout January, and on January 31st, we will “Celebrate Your Victory.”

2. Be as specific as you can. Write the amount that you’re believing God for and that you want me to come into agreement with you about. God will give you fait to know what to write.

3. Write down any other area of lack; physical, social, or in a relationship and let us believe God for an increase in all these areas.

4. Do like this hardworking widow. Give out of your need. Whatever the amount, make it your best gift.

Let me assure you that you never ever need to give a single dollar to me for you. Prayer is never a “gimmick”. Prayer is a privilege. I am happy to pray for you no matter what. At the same time, there is a connection between our heart and our finances. When my heart is stirred, I give. The ideal time to release your offering is when faith is in your heart.

There are six GREAT GOSPEL CAMPAIGNS scheduled. 2013 is our year for increase in souls. To get the work of the gospel done an army of believers, who are filled with increase, will be needed. Thank you for honoring Jesus Christ by responding to this message!

Charging 2013 with the increase of God!!!

Peter Youngren

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