Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Roughly the size of Los Angeles, California, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is an economic and cultural hub in East Africa. Dar es Salaam received its name from an Arabic Sultan, and is interpreted “House of Peace”, a suitable name for one of the few cities in the world where Islam and Christianity share equal portions of the population in peaceful cohabitation. This was the location of World Impact Ministries’ (WIM) most recent Gospel Festival and Pastors Seminar.

The Gospel Festival in Dar es Salaam was a continuation of the decade long systematic approach to bring the Gospel to East Africa. This campaign includes twenty-five Gospel Festivals in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Madagascar. WIM also has a Bible College in Nairobi, Kenya serving thousands of churches who have partnered with us in East Africa. Daily TV broadcasts throughout the region and humanitarian work to orphans bolsters our approach.


Upon arrival to Tanzania, Pastor Peter was whisked away into a national press conference. Press agents from major news agencies, eager to probe Peter on the veracity of his claims, packed the conference room in a central hotel. Peter held up his internationally acclaimed book, “My Muslim Friends”, cementing his message of hope and peace through Jesus for all people; no discrimination. To the question of healings, Peter simply replied, “Come and see for yourself, and interview those testifying of healing. We have nothing to hide”.

Pastor Peter conducted a special dinner with top religious leaders in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s top Islamic Sheikh was present and thanked WIM for its non-discriminatory approach. Peter addressed the leaders, acknowledging we have differences in our beliefs, but highlighting how we can live with common respect for each other as humans. Pastor Peter centered his talk on the person of Jesus, the substitute for our sins by His death and the new life available through Jesus’ resurrection.


Through 35 incredible years of Gospel advancing ministry, Pastor Peter has kept Jesus front and center. Dar es Salaam was no exception. “Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever” was printed on a huge banner and place high above the Festival platform for the city to see. “Don’t seek your healing, seek Jesus”, Peter declared each night.

“If you don’t have faith, no problem. Jesus is your faith. Believe on Him.” Pastor Peter’s sensational statement was realized when our camera crews interviewed Nelly. She was healed from deafness. Nelly came to the meeting out of curiosity, but admitted she really did not believe she would be healed. Jesus became her faith, and she received complete healing in her ears.

Why is the gift of healing important today? Look no further than Magarate or Franky. Magarate lost her business after becoming lame. Without a husband and the sole bread winner for her entire family, the bills had piled high, and her electricity had been cut off.

Franky, an eleven year old boy, dropped out of school in grade four after he lost the ability to walk. Both Magarite and Franky were confined to spend their days on a couch, with no future. Both were healed at the Festival, and walked confidently across the platform. Our TV department met with both of them the day after their miracle and soon their story will be available on our website.


Throughout this Celebrate Update you will find pictures of others who received divine healing. Time did not allow us to interview everyone, because of the throng of those healed at the Festival.

A national Pastors Conference rounded out the comprehensive Gospel Campaign to Dar es Salaam. Pastors travelled from every corner of Tanzania. Peter was joined by Pastor Mike Walker from Idaho, USA and Rev Mary Felde a Norwegian minister currently overseeing our East African Bible College in Kenya. From early morning pastors were flooded with the Gospel of Grace. Tears rolled down their cheeks, as Pastor Peter led them in prayer for their nation.

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