Don’t Look for Results; Reveal Jesus

The 15-city Grace Canada Tour is over, and 1,133 Canadians have responded to Christ. When the idea for this outreach, St. John’s Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, was birthed, the number one priority on the agenda was to see people come to Christ. Grace Television is in a crucial phase and we are very dependant on Canadians to respond in financial partnership. It is easy for the financial needs to take the upper hand, but I remember the first day when the idea for this tour came, the strong impression I had in my spirit that salvation—people receiving new life in Christ—must be number one, and that is exactly what has happened.

Most of the meetings were held in auditoriums, in conference centers and theatres; the only exceptions being Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and the final rally in Toronto, which were in churches. It was a special joy to close out this campaign in the church where I’m the founding senior pastor, Toronto International Celebration Church.

Thank you for every one of you who have become partners in Grace TV and have given and prayed for this ministry. I’ll blog more about that later. For now, I’m happy to report that in every city we saw record attendances and many received Christ. This tour has reinforced a deeply held conviction; you cannot look for results, just reveal Jesus. When people see Jesus in His brilliance, the results are automatic. Let me know your thoughts.

– Peter

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