Dream Big in 2009

God shows His plan for us through visions and dreams. I want to talk about God’s dream for you, friend. The world has been transformed time and again by those who had a dream…

 Henry Ford had a dream… to make a car affordable to each person.

 The early Puritans had a dream… of a country dedicated to God.

 John Wesley had a dream… for a nation to experience spiritual revival.

 I believe you have a dream – for yourself, your family or your business. Maybe it is a dream of physical healing or a restoration of relationship, or maybe for God to use you in his service.

 Together, we have a dream… to bring the good news of what Jesus has done to every man, woman, boy and girl in the entire earth.

 Our dream… for North America is of a spiritual awakening, where millions discover Jesus and others re-discover how brilliant and fantastic He is.


What makes a dream powerful is when God gives it to you. Years ago, I learned some vital principles about God-given dreams.

1. God has a dream; so do we.

Everything you see – the earth, its beauty, the sun, the moon, the stars – began in the heart of God. To have a dream is divine. Has God put His dreams in your heart?

2. God’s dream is about people; ours is too.

Jesus came to give maximum life to everyone. Whoever receives Jesus has new life. That’s my dream… people saved, restored, reaching their full potential, healed, blessed… living in the fullness of what Jesus has provided. That’s my dream for you! Your enjoyment of abundant life in Jesus is vital.

3. God doesn’t give up on His dream; neither do we.

Every dream has obstacles. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit’s help. What about the dream in your heart? Have you experienced setbacks, delays or disappointments? Don’t give up! Jesus is at work in you.

4. God’s dream comes through; ours does too.

It may take time, but God-given dreams come to pass.

Solomon wrote that without a vision (dream) people perish. Nations perish. Churches perish. Families perish. Individuals perish. Many are perishing now because they have never discovered Jesus… so they turn to idolatry… hatred… demon worship… addictions.

Jesus has done too much for us to not DREAM BIG. That’s why we go to people who have lost their dream and lost their hope. That’s why we’re going back to East Africa in a few weeks!

Last year I shared about the violent atrocities that swept East Africa. More than 1300 were left dead on the streets of Western Kenya. Watching the violence and killings, Jesus spoke clearly “Go now. The people will be more open than ever to the message of My grace.

We went immediately to the city of Eldoret where the violence started. I ministered to political, religious and spiritual leaders and 1100 pastors were trained in our seminar.

Now we’re taking another giant step forward:

First, we’re bringing 5000 pastors and leaders to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital for a Gospel Revolution Seminar. Mysticism, symbolism, traditionalism and tribalism have swept the church. It’s time to bring the church leaders back to Jesus.

Second, we are conducting a huge Gospel Festival in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city, which was in the center of the devastating killings. The bodies piled up in the morgues as people could not believe the holocaust that had been unleashed. Help us take the message of love to people who have lost hope and stopped believing that God loves them.

Third, a Believers Fire Conference to mobilize 10,000 Gospel workers. Do you see the three-pronged approach? We are reaching millions, training pastors and mobilizing Gospel workers.

Also this visit will lay the foundation for our East Africa Bible College. Swahili is spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and parts of Congo and Rwanda. Our Bible College will reach the entire Swahili-speaking world.

Together, we are now making history in East Africa… one person, one step at a time. That’s how a dream is fulfilled… step by step.

I want to take your prayer requests with me to Africa. Jesus will be revealed. Faith will be high. I will ask the entire crowd to join me in praising God for victory in your life. We’ll pray for you, your sons, your daughters; whatever situation you’re facing. Where there has been broken dreams we will believe God.

Ask God what your seed offering should be. These three projects in East Africa require more than $240,000. Maybe you could be one of 1000 people to share $240. Some can share $2400, and others $120, $75 or $30. Whatever you do, small or large, will be maximized for souls.

This is all happening now so I need your help in a very urgent way. Every gift makes a difference. Every gift plunders hell and populates heaven.

It’s time to dream big, for big victories in your life and your family. And to dream of big history-making victories for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for responding.

Love and blessings in Jesus,

Peter Youngren

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