Exorcism at Bangkok’s Airport

As if a military coup was not enough, Thailand is once again in the news, this time in regards to Bangkok’s new four billion dollar Suvarnabhumi international airport. According to the London Times, the airport has been haunted by ghosts, spirits and mystical deaths. The official opening, scheduled for today September 28th, has already been postponed a number of times, most recently because of sightings of ghosts. A number of employees claim to have seen the spirit in the form of an old man. During the nine weeks leading up to the official opening, 99 Buddhist monks had been praying for the spirit visitations to cease. The exorcism reportedly ended with 1000 employees present and the spirit taking embodiment in one of the people present. With this the Buddhist monks claim that the matter should be over, at least for now.

It is not all that often that exorcism, demons, ghosts and spirits make the news. Seeing this story made me think about how out of vogue it is currently to even bring up the topic of demons. Charismatic Christians of a little older generation may remember in the 70’s when teachers like Derek Prince, Don Basham, and Bob Mumford made the topic of demons and deliverance popular. Let me throw out a few statements that might peek your interest. I like to hear what you think.

The demonic world is real, but it only operates with one weapon – deception. Satan and all his cohorts has been completely defeated by Jesus’ death and resurrection. In fact according to the apostle Peter’s writing, Satan is only “like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. No lion is as harmless as a roaring one. Such a lion has never caught a zebra or an antelope because the roar gives away the lion’s location long before the beast can ever pounce on his victim, an apt description of the devil and satanic powers; all they have is a roar of deception.

How powerful is Satan? To those who have the indwelling Jesus Christ Satan’s deception is null and void, of no effect, unless we give room to the devil. For those who are ignorant of what Jesus has accomplished, Satan’s one weapon of deception can be wielded with quite the effects, causing a range of strange behaviors. In every religion you find that people have problems with the devil. In the case at the Bangkok airport the ones affected are Buddhists. Sadly many Christians claim to have devil problems. I don’t, not as long as I remember the finished work of Calvary where Jesus fully defeated the devil, By walking in the new creation reality of Christ in me, I recognize the devil has been brought to zero (Hebrews 2:14).

I have had the privilege of using the all-powerful name of Jesus on many occasions to cast out evil spirits. Regardless how demonstrative the demonic activity was, it was only a “show”, for the prince of darkness is defeated, and that defeat is enforced in Jesus’ name.

One of the students at World Impact Bible Institute (soon to be re-named Celebration Bible College) told me that she had been attending a church where people so-to-speak saw “a demon behind every bush”. Gradually she described how she lost her joy and confidence and become increasingly devil conscious. Sitting under the teaching at the Bible College, the tables are turning. Once again the devil and his power is shrinking as Jesus is being magnified in her life.

If you are a born again believer you have nothing to fear. In fact one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to convict us of the reality that the ruler of this world (the devil) has been judged. We have a Bible College in Thailand, WIBI-Thailand. Pray for the leaders and students. May Thailand and the world, including the church in America discover Jesus’ victory.

Have you encountered exorcisms? Ghosts? Demon-phobia? Keep blogging

– Peter Youngren

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 March 2007 )

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