Fallen Preachers and Professional Help

“Professional help” is the cure most often suggested when someone has been involved in a moral failure.  In other words, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the word of God is for the little daily challenges, but in a serious dilemma professional help is the answer.  I don’t for a moment minimize the common sense one can gain from professional counseling.  Human wisdom is not to be despised, but it is not a cure for sin.  The apostle Paul reveals that the cause of sin is a lack of grace.  Laws, rules and reliance on self make us prone to sin, while grace causes us to reign over temptations. (Romans 5:17)  Sin doesn’t have dominion over us when grace is abounding. (Romans 6:19)

The scenario is becoming familiar.  A preacher falls in sin and a group of spiritual advisors announces that the person is removed from ministry and under “professional counseling.” Does professional counseling deliver from sin?  Is the battle against sin one that is fought with principles, nuggets of wisdom and human determination?  If so, why do we need Jesus?

Here is another way.  The root of sin is separation and independence from Jesus.  That’s why the Holy Spirit convicts of one sin; not believing in Jesus. (John 16:8-11)  When a person lives in sin, this is merely a symptom of drifting from Jesus.  When someone has fallen, the cure is a fresh encounter with Jesus.  Recognize the root of the problem and then open up to Jesus.  Our sermons that proclaim “Jesus is the answer” seem hollow, when we are not willing to apply the remedy that we propose to offer to ourselves first.  Am I making light of sin?  No, on the contrary sin is such a heavy matter that mere “professional help” will only be a band-aid solution, while a revelation of Jesus’ love and grace will bring lasting transformation.

Grace is not just a nice idea or a theological thought.  It is powerful and produces true holiness.  Jesus really is the Answer!  Post your comments for or against.  Keep blogging!  -Peter

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