Father’s House – the Place of Abundance for You NOW!

Christmas is about Jesus bringing your loved ones “home” to God and about YOUR place of ABUNDANCE! Please send me your prayer requests in time for our CHRISTMAS PRAYER SERVICE.

Dear Friend,

Christmas is a time when we get a chance to enjoy friends and family. Of course, most of all Christmas is about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. But when we look deeper we see that Jesus came to bring people “home to God.”

The human heart is home-sick for God. Among your family and friends there may be some who seem hard towards the gospel, but even that “hardness” is a cry for God.

A famous Christmas song depicts a WWII soldier’s dream for home:

I’ll be home for Christmas, You can plan on me, Please have snow and mistletoe, And presents on the tree, Christmas Eve will find me, Where the love light gleams, I’ll be home for Christmas, If only in my dreams

It’s a secular song, but it depicts a deep human longing for home and ultimately for God. On Christmas Eve, the hustle and bustle in malls and offices die down, as people hurry “home”. Shop keepers stop selling, investors stop investing, ranchers and farmers finish their duties early – it’s time to go home.

Workers, technicians, physicians and scientists will sit cross legged on the floor beside a tree. People who never darken the door of a church will be there on Christmas Eve. In prisons, hardened criminals will put their faces in the pillows and weep while they dream of “home”, and in nursing homes the elderly will listen to carols and remember a different time and place they used to call home.

God made us so that without Him we would have a gnawing homelessness, because there is only one true home – in the embrace of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

It is “where the love light gleams”.

God is LOVE!

God is LIGHT!

The human search for “home” began when Adam and Eve separated themselves from God. Guilt and shame followed. Jesus described this homelessness in the story of the Father and the two sons, the older one stuck in a rut of religious self-effort, while the younger was in a far off country. The truth is that both of them were ‘homeless’.

The younger was homeless, suffering the ill effects of having left Father’s house,  while the older, though close to the father in proximity, was full of self-righteous legalism and pride - far away from enjoying his Father’s love.

On December 23rd and 24th, I invite you to join me via television or through the internet for a special prayer service - “It’s time to come home”.

Jesus was born to prepare a place - A HOME - for every member of your family. I want to put the names of your friends and loved ones on a prayer altar in the studio. As soon as I receive your prayer requests, we will begin daily thanksgiving. Then on December 25th before we spend time with friends and family, Taina and I will lay hands on your prayer requests in our home.

But, there is more.

In Father’s house, the son received EVERY PROVISION, and in our CHRISTMAS PRAYER SERVICES ON DECEMBER 23rd and 24th I want to include what God has provided for you. In the story in Luke chapter 15, the son received:

A ring that served like a family credit card. He could show it at the local market and what he needed would be put on the family’s account. Your healing,  blessing and increase is provided in the account Jesus has set up for you – “in Him are all the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge”.

A robe that showed favor. There was no time for a tailor to make a new robe. The son must have received one of the father’s. It had the Father’s smell on it. Jesus has provided a robe of righteousness and salvation for YOU!

New shoes showed that the son was no longer a slave. Jesus came to break the slavery of addiction, bondage and sin – to give new life.

The fatted calf was the best portion of the meat. Today we often cut the fat off and look for the lean part, but in the Middle Eastern world, the ‘fatted calf ’, meant the best possible. Jesus came to provide the BEST LIFE FOR YOU – LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!

That’s why I ask you to enclose your top prayer requests. We will pray for your prayer needs in our telecasts on Dec 23rd and 24th, and then Taina and I will lay hands on your prayer requests in our home on CHRISTMAS DAY MORNING.

Christmas is a time of incredible joy, but for many it is also a time of pain. Broken hearted parents who haven’t heard from their children will wait by the phone. Social workers tell us that for runaway children, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year. No wonder Hollywood has made movies about “home alone” at Christmas.

There is a longing in the heart of every member of your friends and family to be at home with God - accepted, loved, embraced and empowered.

Please give your very best Christmas love offering.

At Christmas, Taina and I double our normal giving to missions. Just as we spend extra on gifts for family, friends, decorations and food, we also want to spend extra on the greatest cause in the world – to give the Gospel of Jesus to every person.

Please send your prayer requests and YOUR CHRISTMAS SEED OFFERING

I will look forward to your response.


Peter Youngren

P.S. The month of December is the most important in this ministry. It’s the time when we must have a great response to be able to carry out the coming Gospel Campaigns in 2014 (Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Indonesia, India, Pakistan). Thank you for your gift.

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