First Christian television on air in world’s largest Muslim city

More Muslims live in Karachi, Pakistan than in any other city in the world.  98% of the city’s 21 million inhabitants adhere to Islam. There are 30 television licenses to Islamic organizations and one Christian license. World Impact Ministries [WIM] and its sister organization in Pakistan [Gawahi TV] has this one license. 

Peter Youngren’s recent Gospel Festivals brought unprecedented opportunities on secular TV. Peter was interviewed on national television and one channel broadcast live across Pakistan from the last service of a week-long Gospel Festival. Seeing this, WIM’s representative, William Sarfaz received faith that a Christian television license was possible.

On the air now - immediate expansion is needed


The channel is on the air now 24/7, reaching 20% of Karachi. To survive, the channel must grow immediately. Contracts have already been signed, guaranteeing that by the end of December, the entire city of Karachi [21 million people] will be within reach, as well as other cities across Pakistan [population 180 million].

Coming against a backdrop of innocent Christians charged with ‘blasphemy against Islam’, burning of churches and believers killed at the hands of radical Muslims, this development can only be credited to God’s favor.                                   


Muslims hear the gospel in their own homes

Sarfaz states, “many Muslims, who would normally never dare to go to a church for fear of being killed by radical Muslims, can now hear the gospel in their own homes. Our partnership with World Impact Ministries is a real blessing, as Peter is a household name because of the many outreaches he has conducted here”. 

Youngren comments, “the Lord brought William and I together in 2008. Since then he has worked with us in every Gospel Festival in Pakistan. He’s a man of integrity and faith”.

Immediate financial breakthrough needed

“We have never had money in reserve, but instead finances have always come from God’s people, who love to share the gospel with others”, Peter continues.

The last few months of beheadings and unspeakable atrocities committed by radical Muslims cause many Christians in the United States and Canada to not want to become involved in outreaches to Muslims. Peter adds, “of course, the killings and brutalities deter many from giving. I understand, I’m as outraged as anyone. Still, we go forward with this, because those who know Jesus Christ know that the gospel is the only hope”.

The license requires that programming promote positive family values and no criticism of other religions . Sarfaz and Youngren are united in their belief that the goodness of God brings people to repentance, that the gospel is not about putting any people group down, but instead about lifting up Jesus as the Saviour of every individual and for the world.

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