Friendship Festival 2017 – Tanga, Tanzania

Here is one of the salvation calls with thousands saying yes to receive God’s gift of eternal life.
This Muslim girl was brought by her aunt. When Jesus healed her she ran to the platform to testify. But the workers didn’t allow her to get up on the platform cause they doubted what she was saying. Amina ran to get her aunt in the back of the crowd. With her aunt, she made her way back to the platform. Her aunt assured the workers that she really had been unable to see and that now her eyes are open. Amina joyously came to platform to give her story.
Peter told the journalists that this festival is for people of all religions, including Muslims.
His backbone was damaged 9 years earlier, now healed.
5 years ago, he became handicapped in a motorcycle accident. Jesus healed him as he stood 250 feet from the platform.
This 8-year-old Muslim girl staying with her grandmother, was completely deaf. She could only read lips, but after healing she could hear even the slightest whisper.
The crowd in Tanga was excited to hear of God's love in Christ.
For one and a half hour we toured the city of Tanga greeting people.
Here is the leader of 1,500 mosques addressing the friendship dinner. After all the leaders spoke, Peter Youngren presented Jesus Christ and prayed for the leaders.
Pastors came from the largest area of Eastern Tanzania.
Deaf ears open.

Mohammed (Left) came to the festival on the 1st night and saw the miracles that Jesus had done. Though a Muslim he returned home and invited his Christian friend, Paul, to come to the festival. Paul had become an invalid through advanced arthritis several years earlier, and had not been able to work for several years. Mohammed brought him that night and Jesus did miracles.
Muslims warmly wave to us as we arrive in the city of Tanga.
A dozen journalists from local tv, radio and newspaper came to the press conference.
The friendship dinner was attended by leaders of various religious and political backgrounds, many Muslim. Third from my right, Stefan Salmonsson helped me teach in the Gospel Revolution Seminar.

Many of these Pastors came from churches in predominately Muslim areas.
After healing, she can see.
On the 1st night a torrential rain threatened to stop the meeting. The people refused to leave and wonderful miracles happened.
This man was blind, now he can see.
He couldn't find his friend after he was healed because he didn't know what his friend looked like.
There is no greater joy than to see multitudes of people receive Christ. That is what we saw in Tanga.
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