Global Financial Crisis and Biblical Economics

Former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, acknowledged in his October congressional hearing that he didn’t have the answers or explanations for the current global financial crisis. That was a startling statement from the man many consider the world’s top financial advisor, and a striking illustration of the limitations of human wisdom [1 Corinthians 1:17-25].

While economists emphasize different aspects of the crisis, I don’t think anyone would dispute that greed run amuck is an underlying cause. Basically everyone willing and qualified to buy a house (based on financial abilities) already had one. In fact, some bought more than one. Yet, in a drive to show ever increasing quarterly profits, CEOs came up with new and inventive ways to offer irresponsible mortgages to unsuspecting and ill-advised customers.

Remember the advertisement; “no job, no credit, no money, no problem”. In fact, if someone does not have a job, or money or credit, there is a problem. Where does greed come in to it? Well, the annual bonuses of CEO’s depend on the ever increasing sale of mortgages. So ultimately it was, like so many human issues, all about selfishness, looking out for number one. Well, the bubble burst and now we are in the damage control throwing money at the problem; close to three trillion dollars by one recent report. The ripple effects are everywhere, and now the North American automobile industry is on the verge of collapse

Here is the good news. With God, the worst of times can become the best. When believers discover the limitation of human wisdom, we become more willing to tap into Christ’s wisdom. He, who was rich, became very poor that we through His poverty might be rich [2 Corinthians 8:9]. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our prosperity. We prosper by grace. Once we understand that all things are ours because of Christ are ready to enter God’s prosperity zone.

I know that there has been much teaching on prosperity and Biblical economics. Frankly, some are excited about it, while others are turned off. I wouldn’t be promoting any teaching package, let alone on the topic of prosperity, if I didn’t know that I’m saying something unique and genuinely helpful. I don’t normally blog and promote a teaching album at the same time. “Prosperity in Tough Times” is simply a package that will help people practically to see the worst of times become the best of time.

The following is included:  

“God, You and Money” (4 CDs)- This teaching gives unusual insights, especially for people who have been sowing gifts into the kingdom of God, but have not been reaping to the extent that they should have.

“Practical Prosperity” (4 CDs) – This teaching series gives real practical and well proven instruction. I recorded this before the current financial crisis, and I now see the tremendous significance of these principals.

“God’s Mind in Tough Times” – This is a single teaching showing how Joseph enjoyed the mind of Christ during seven years of financial hardship in Egypt.

You will find these nine CDs an invaluable resource in these difficult times. The regular value including shipping and handling is $72, but through our website you can order the entire package for only $49, S/H included. 

History proves again and again that times of financial adversity have often been the greatest times for God’s people to prosper! Has the financial crisis affected you?  ~Peter.

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